Premiere: Babyface Mal x Willaris. K - Ya Rab (4 The Hell Of It)

Premiere: Babyface Mal x Willaris. K - Ya Rab (4 The Hell Of It)

Producer extraordinaire flips the hip-hop OG into a club-ready dancefloor destroyer

Image: Left - Babyface Mal, Right - Willaris. K

Six months on from Australian-born Turkish-Egyptian rapper Babyface Mal dropping his huge single Ya Rab, Willaris. K has reworked the original into a mesmerizing four-to-the-floor techno stomper, with Ya Rab (4 The Hell Of It) out Thursday March 9 but premiering on Pilerats today!

Managing to switch up the track's vibe & tempo, Willaris. K shows plenty of respect to the original, retaining the traditional Middle Eastern sounds & percussion of the original while injecting swirling synths and pounding drums in his signature production style.

Regarding the rework, Willaris says "This is extremely cliche, but it did just start as something fun I was fucking around with to see what happens, then it came together super quick. I remember the day I made it - I was showing my brother the live show cause my Aus tour was in a few days then I was like, oh yeah, I made this too lol. He insisted I finish it and put it in my live show. A couple weeks later, Mal performed it with me on stage at The Forum."

The rework comes alongside a trippy collage-style music video that sees footage of live performances of the two artists melded and fused in a psychedelic fashion.

Give Ya Rab (4 The Hell Of it) a spin today before it drops everywhere tomorrow, March 9!

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