Haiku Hands take us their curated lineup for this weekend's All About Women Block Party

Haiku Hands take us their curated lineup for this weekend's All About Women Block Party

Going down Sunday 4 March at the Sydney Opera House.

Taking over the Studio area of the Sydney Opera House, this weekend sees Aussie hype act Haiku Hands curate a special Block Party to help close out the All About Women Festival. They've hand-picked a pretty fkn rad lineup of female artists including themselves, Okenyo and CLYPSO along with DJs Ayebatonye and Mowgli May. Pre-amble over, we'll shutup and let HH take you through the lineup below, or you can just be smart and go grab tickets HERE.

It's exciting to be be involved with the 2018 All About Women event in such a climate. We will forever support discussion, gathering of minds and ideas.

Being asked to curated the All About Women Black Party was an honour. We chose these artist to play at the Block Party because they all offer something new, fresh and are all active quality artists who play mad tunes. We are excited to hang out and play alongside these awesome artists at the Opera House.

We watched OKENYO perform at Big Sound 2017 and she absolutely killed it, such a strong confident performance:

Clypso plays recorder in her set. We watched her perform at a Proudly Poker Free night last year and hadn't heard anyone doing what she does in Australia. Between this, the recorder playing and her uplifting and fun tunes we had to have her come play at the All About Women Block Party. Yolo by Clypso is a good vibe it can take you out of structured city living.

We first got to see Ayebatonye play at Heaps Gay, before we got on stage. The tunes that Ayebatonye played were the perfect ones to get us hyped up for our own set. There were so many banging tunes we had never heard which was really exciting. We asked Ayebatonye to be apart of the All About Women Block party for this reason. Here is a playlist AYEBATONYE to groove to:

Mowgli May plays all around Sydney and hosts a program on FBi Radio where she plays mostly underground hip hop, rap and R&B. We are always stoked if Mowgli May is playing before or after us both because she is one of the friendliest people and she'll always play tunes that we get down to. Here is Mowgli May's amazing mix for the Hip Hop show on triple j:

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