Watch: Sky City Gold - The Crown

Watch: Sky City Gold - The Crown

Debut single from new Spinning Top signees featuring some familiar Aussie artists

Art-rock meets undeniably catchy indie-pop on The Crown, the first release from Sky City Gold - the latest additions to the Spinning Top roster, who’s current line-up includes the likes of Tame Impala, Pond and Haiku Hands, 

Featuring Beatrice Lewis of the aforementioned Haiku Hands, the four-piece also includes MC and TZU alumni Joelistics, the band describe The Crown as “not a real crown, it is a first class ticket on board Sky City Gold to a Space Age paradise. It is the crown a working class Princess Diana would wear dressed up in leathers at a illegal warehouse party in the 90’s doing bumps with Blondie yelling ‘fuck colonialism’ while dating a break dancing Jesus. The crown is not a real crown. It is a cult. Hear the song. Be the song. Now you are beginning your journey.”

That is a journey I am more than ready for, let’s goooo:

Sky City Gold’s new single The Crown is out now via Spinning Top

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