Meet Adelaide's MANE and her beguiling new single, What If The Love Does

Meet Adelaide's MANE and her beguiling new single, What If The Love Does

A young artist making some wonderfully dark pop music.

Following on from last year's very well received single Bitter, Adelaide artist MANE has backed it up with an equally impressive slice of dark-pop sounds in What If The Love Dies, which comes with an also impressive new video clip. She'll be touring the single on a run of east coast dates, and we sent her a few questions to get to know her a little better before that short run of east coast dates starts turning into something much larger.

Tell us about about yourself?

Hola! I'm Paige (MANE) - I'm 23 and currently sitting on a stall on Pier 39 in San Francisco chatting to you! I've been playing music for a little while now and have been going under the Moniker of MANE for just over a year.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Hopefully tunes that resonate with people on any kind of level. I guess for the most part my music is pop but it also has a touch of darkness to it which comes for personal experiences or experiences of people I am close too. I like to think some of the songs I have are a little jive worthy at times, but each song is different and some of my tracks lend it self more to a ~gentle sway~.

Production/writing process:

It differs all the time. Sometimes it's lyrics first other times it's melody and production first. More recently I've been doing some co-writes which I've really enjoyed. I think it's really easy to get set in your ways with songwriting but when you put another person in the room to challenge you and contribute there ideas to the session you can come up with something new and often better than you could have done on your own. However having said that, lyrics are very important to me, I like to keep them my own as much as I possibly can.

Can you tell us about your new single, What If The Love Dies?

I actually wrote this song quite a while ago now with a long distance relationship in mind that I saw someone go through and the helplessness and frustrations involved in it. I've recently been in one myself so it's taken on a whole new meaning to me. The whole song is one big desperate cry touching on the "what if" concept of losing someone you love and have a closeness too that you don't feel you can have with someone else even though your so often far apart. I'm a big over thinker myself and a thought like that can so easily feel like the end of the world. Instead of enjoying something good and persevering you make up all these worst case scenarios in your head and then life happens and I guess sometimes you can write a song about that.

Any shows coming up?

I'm heading on tour through October/November:

Thu 19 Oct - The Gasometer Upstairs, Melbourne

Fri 27 Oct - Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Wed 1 Nov - Rad, Wollongong

Thu 2 Nov - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Hopefully more new music and shows to announce!

Where can we hear more of your music?

I'm on all of the things! Triple j unearthed, Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, YouTube etc etc .


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