Premiere: Meet Sydney duo Korky Buchek and their new banger, All On You feat. Kwame

Premiere: Meet Sydney duo Korky Buchek and their new banger, All On You feat. Kwame

They've got some v-big tings in the pipeline.

After the recent release of Consumed feat. Pearl (their first in over a year), Korky Buchek are back and firing on another new heater - All On You feat. Sydney hip hop kid Kwame. It's the third time they've collaborated, and it's no wonder the track bangs so hard, with Kwame's flow working well with the bigroom future-bass sound in the drops. Take a listen below, and read up on the duo underneath that:

Tell us about yourselves:

We are a dynamic duo compiled of two devilishly good looking young men called Peter Sabbagh and Tom Elliott. Together we are Korky Buchek and have been making music, DJing and dropping panties since we left school.

What kinda tunes we talkin'?

Like our music and DJ sets we love to showcase our versatility with that comes a pretty wide spectrum when it comes to what we listen to. Peter: Goldlink, Travis Scott, Carlos Santana. Tom: IAMDDB, Ocean Alley, The Radiators.

Production/writing process:

Tom: Peter and I work on music everyday and we basically show and tell what we’ve been working on throughout the week. Once we decide that we both like the track enough we will work on it together.

Can you tell us about your new single, All on you feat. Kwame?

Peter: Tom wrote the song when I was living in Amsterdam and when I got back we ended up linking with our favourite rapper Kwame and created this magical piece of work. It means a lot to us and you can definitely feel the energy whenever we or Kwame perform it.

Any shows coming up?

We are billed for a festival slot soon, but that’s not yet announced, otherwise we are kinda holding off until embark on our Enter The Kork EP Tour - but every night in the studio is a fucking party.

What's the rest of the year have in store?

For the rest of the year we plan to cut out a big piece of the pie in our industry with our group ‘Bodega Collective’ - alongside us we have groups like Mozaik Records and Main Street that we are in the studio everyday with. Watch all these groups BIG things to come.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Our EP Enter The Kork is being released on the 28th of October. It will showcase the versatility we carry into our production. We also have done a lot of production for other artists who have upcoming releases like Kwame, Lauren, Sidekick and Savour The Rations.


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