Electric Feels: Your Weekly Electronic Music Recap

Electric Feels: Your Weekly Electronic Music Recap

The best of the electronic world in the past week, including Sunday, Chymes, Vallis Alps and more.

Sunday - Perfect Place

A couple of months ago we were introduced to Sunday, the new solo project of Miami Horror's Aaron Shanahan. Debuting a stripped-back, indie-leaning sound with his debut single All Of The Time, it showcased a brilliant side of the musician that hadn't really been explored through his work with Miami Horror, and now, months later, we're stoked to see he's struck gold again with another great single titled Perfect PlacePerfect Place really highlights the subdued nature of Shanahan's music in a solo light, fleshing out that guitar-driven, almost Tame Impala-like indie feel that he introduced on his debut single and letting it shine with just his vocals in play. It's the second taste of a full EP due later this year, and with All Of The Time and now Perfect Place making it two-from-two, we're very excited to see what the rest of the EP has in play for us.

Chymes - Wild

Sydney duo Chymes have become a consistent highlight from the Australian electronic scene over the last few years, with an impressive run of singles and features setting them up nicely for a big 2018 - one they kicked off with Dreaming a few months back. Wild is the next piece of their 2018 new-music-puzzle and it's another dreamy single that shines with their washed-out electro-pop sound, comparable to names like Willow Beats thanks to its soft, playful synth melodies and hypnotic vocals. Composed of singer/songwriter Kiersten Nyman and producer Cameron Taylor, Chymes have grown from strength to strength over the past few years and Wild is just another example of their signature brilliance, something that will no doubt continue has the duo strive towards more music and shows throughout the rest of the year.

Akurei - Ride Home

If you haven't come across Australian musician Akurei yet, you're missing out. Over the past year or so, the musician has teamed up with acts like Nico Ghost to showcase his genre-pushing sound (let's just call it indie-R&B for now), doing so in spectacular fashion on singles such as his 2017 breakout Hinterland and this year's charming PhotophobiaRide Home is his latest single and it's further proof that the musician is onto something good, combining this woozy indie-leaning production shaded with soft guitar along with his impressive vocal, which gives the single this warm, comforting feel. "This song is based around a guitar part I found I had recorded on my iPhone a while ago, and it has unexpectedly become a central part of the writing for the whole EP," he says on the single, hinting at what to expect from his debut EP when it drops in a few months. "It’s also the second song that I’ve produced myself, and while I’ve still got a lot to learn about the production side of things, I’m really happy with how this one has turned out."

Digitalism - Glow

German electronic duo Digitalism are legends in the dance music scene, with their unique twist on that gritty mid-00s electronic sound proving infectiously brilliant time and time again. After their returning 2016 album Mirage, the pairing have been releasing a steady stream of singles since, with their latest track Glow joining the ranks while also teasing their upcoming new EP PR15M before its release on September 13. Glow is, in true Digitalism fashion, a dark and gritty electronic thumper that unites a heaving bass line with their signature lush synth work, channelling the likes of Justice for a single that places the Germans back on top of their game. "It’s been a while since we’ve been dancing together — so put on your shoes, we’re going out," the pair says on the single. "Glow turned out to be so loud after mastering that we had to dial it back down a bit. Best enjoyed on a big PA."

Matt Meason - Hallucinogenics (Vallis Alps Remix)

It's been a while between drinks for intercontinental electronic duo Vallis Alps, with the much-adored Australian favourites being reasonably quiet on the release front ever since their 2017 pair of singles Oceans / So Settled. However, while they presumably work on whatever's coming next for Vallis Alps, they've treated us to a lovely little gift in the form of a remix of Matt Meason's gem Hallucinogenics, with the duo's first remix for quite a while reminding us why we still love them despite their quietness. It's quite a dark and brooding remix, with Vallis Alps layering this building synth line that gradually grows underneath Meason's vocal until it explodes just after the major chorus, where straight after, it gets stripped right back to nothing in a bid to keep us on our toes a bit. It's a bit of a curveball from the pairing that sees them dive into a more experimental lane, but it's one we're stoked to see them taking and it fills up a bit of a gap while we wait for them return with whatever they've got planned for us soon.

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