Chill tunes to cure those post long weekend blues

Chill tunes to cure those post long weekend blues

Including singles from Chymes, Jerome Blazé and Calypso.

Peta & The Wolves (pictured above) - Verbal Wars

Opening with bubbling synth and airy vocals, Verbal Wars is all about that euphoric charm for Peta & The Wolves, a charm she’ll hopefully be showcasing with the release of her debut EP this year. The multi-instrumentalist balances multiple themes on Verbal Wars, with gloomy percussion, elated synth melodies and uplifting, soaring vocals blending together to create a very emotionally-driven sound that’ll have you down and brooding yet uplifting and happy at the same time. Check out the teaser-trailer for the EP here.

Zoey Lily - Edges

Balancing indie-pop with deep electronic elements, Zoey Lily’s debut single Edges is bursting with a dark, emotional sound. Her raw, sombre vocals coast over the single’s murky, piano-laden instrumental, which builds and builds until a crashing final chorus. It’s a very established, mellow sound for a 19-year-old, with a vocal maturity rivalling Australian vocalists such as JOY., who’s career has grown tremendously over the past year largely thanks to her emotional vocal prowess. The James Kenosha-produced cut is the first track from her forthcoming EP Reckless Minds, set to drop later this year.

Sunday - Waiting For You

The new project from Miami Horror vocalist Aaron Shanahan, Waiting For You is a blissful, upbeat cut that’ll have you boogying in no time. It blends soft electro-pop and deep house elements like no other, with Shanahan’s bright vocals swirling around a bass kick-driven beat that combines soft piano chords with spiralling synth. It’s bright and sun-soaked, the perfect cure for this week’s gloom-and-doom weather that’s currently hammering the country.

Chymes - Clouds

After falling in love with Oracle, their effortless slice of dreamy electro-pop, Sydney-based duo Chymes have returned with Clouds, an equally chilled-out cut. Clouds balances a fragile, percussion-infused instrumental with light, reflective lyrical work to create a really quite well-rounded piece, much like their debut. It’s a dark, brooding track instrumentally, but somehow, despite the dark nature of the lyrics, the vocals give it that light, uplifting touch that takes the track to another level in complexity.

Jerome Blazé - Tempest feat. Meg

After debuting strongly with the heavy, Porter Robinson-reminiscent Heartbeat (listen HERE), Australian young gun Jerome Blazé has been silently killing it. This week, he returned with Tempest, a remarkably chilled-out number featuring vocals from a friend simply known as Meg. Floating piano melodies, deep, rolling percussion and Meg’s graceful vocals all fuse incredibly well on Tempest, combining to create a blissful, well-rounded piece that is as layered and complex on paper as it is simple to the ear. 

Calypso - Numbered

Hailing from Tasmania, electronic newcomer Calypso has arrived in style, debuting her action-packed, electro-pop sound with Numbered. Overflowing with vocal sass, Numbered is upbeat and thorough - it’s got saxophone, it’s got hair-raising vocals and, of course, it’s got a infectious, disco groove. It’s the first taste from her forthcoming, debut EP which, if it’s anything like Numbered, is sure to go down sweetly.

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