The 5 types of party-goers you find at One Day Sundays

The 5 types of party-goers you find at One Day Sundays

From the keen beans to the kick-on crew, these are your friends.

One Day Sundays have been killing the game around Australia since they launched their Sunday party series last year. Over in the west they've been taking over the Rosemount Hotel once a month each Sunday for huge parties, including a special Aus' Day edition that saw them take over an entire car park with fake lawn and real vibes. They're bringing that format back this coming ANZAC Day long weekend (event HERE, poster down the bottom), and we asked Raph from One Day/The Meeting Tree who you're most likely to meet on that one glorious Sunday a month:

Day parties bring some strange types, and as seasoned day partiers we’ve noticed a bit of a trend in who attends our parties - and you’re all welcome.

one day sunday keen

The Keen Beans

We love you keen beans, and realistically we probably fit into this category ourselves. You’re the party goer who gets there early wearing your fliest attire, are first to hit the dancefloor and know all the words to the latest songs. Your work colleagues all know that one Monday a month you will be a little dusty because of “that hip-hop party” you go to.

one day sunday arvo

The Arvo Lover

Who doesn’t love a Sunday afternoon drink in the sun? Especially when you get to listen to some decent beats. You arrive with friends, get a good table and love a bit of banter. Depending on the mood and the next day’s alarm clock, you’ll either responsibly head home around 8 or if the wind’s right, get up for a cheeky dance once the sun is down.

one day sunday fam

The Young Family Folk

You’ve got kids, you have responsibilities, you might even be in charge of a few people at work. You leave before sun down with a smile on your face but it’s great that you still put on some sneakers and get away from the little ones for a couple of hours on a Sunday.

one day sunday kickon

The Kick-On Crowd

You know who you are, we know who you are - what better way to cap off a weekend than a Sunday session?

one day sunday fashion

The Fashion

We see you out here shining. Your Instagram feed is a what’s what of what’s going on plus you’ve got more than 1k followers yourself. You look amazing. Are those Yeezys? Your profile pic was taken by one of our talented photographers and has the One Day Sundays watermark in the corner.

one day sundays perth anzac2

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