No Money Weekend

No Money Weekend

The essential nation-wide cheapskates event guide.

There's a party and its called the broke-but-still-having-fun party, and you're invited. All the details are below. 

Header Image: Clara Canepa



WA non-profit arts org legends FORM have pulled together the work of over 100 Western Australian artists,whose work traverses streetart and lowbrow styles, in a salon-style exhibition in Victoria Park, for FORM Public Salon. The Salon is to launch PUBLIC 2015, FORM's urban public art programme (the same programme that was responsible for the walls and buildings of our city being decorated with colourful murals last year). Adding to the great art, there will be plenty of awesome Perth creatives to meet, the ArtLab gang will be hosting a round of Artgames, and Amelia Park wines and Little Creatures will keep you well-oiled. The perfect way to kick off not just your weekend, but a super exciting 10 days of art in our city. Grab a limited edition Stormie Mills custom-designed tote bag for $15 on your way out. - Dani Marsland

When & Where: Fri Apr 10, 6pm. 101 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park. Free. No RSVP needed.


Artist HENSE has completely transformed one half of the Avon silos for FORM's Public 2015.


Rhythmatism and You Gotta Have Freedom link to present JAZZNOTJAZZ, a night of laid back jazz, that's sure to escalate into some looser, freeform body shakers as the night heats up. Could there be a more perfect time of year than rainy Autumn to cosy up inside the warm Bird with a glass of red, while DJs Major Marcus Hall, Jazzy Jack Doepel, Brother Tom Lettenmaier and Professor Benjamin Taaffe soothe your soul with freeform spiritual rhythms? Answer: no, there could not, so you should endeavour to attend this event for ultimate seasonal sound enjoyment. - Dani Marsland

When & Where: Sat Apr 11, 8pm, "The William Bird Music Hall", 181 William St, Northbridge.  $5 on the door. 


We know we've featured a fair few of Red Bull's free music events during the time No Money's been running, but don't worry, it's definitely not some kind of sponsorship set up, and there's definitely not several trays of Red Bull in the Pilerats fridge right now. But seriously, these free gigs are incredible. Last time Brainfeefer's Taylor McFerrin graced us with his soulful beats for free, and this weekend one of dance music's pioneers, Luke Vibert, is in Perth (and other Australian states) courtesy of Red Bull, ready to draw from his extensive knowledge of acid, oddball electro, classic hip-hop and 303 funk. It's been a while since Vibert was last down under, so you should take this opportunity to watch a master craftsman at work, as it may be a while again before he returns. Support from Nik Ridikulas, Craig Hollywood, Ben Taaffe, and Jeff Annert. - Dani Marsland

When & Where: Fri Apr 10, 10pm - late. Geisha, 135 James St, Northbridge. RSVP here to get your name on the list (free). 



Hip hop is a genre best experienced live, in a turnt-up crowd who know all the lyrics and you can rap along in unison with. Youth Week know what's up: they've put together a line up of Australian hip hop artists who know how to deliver - BAM BAM, Joelistics, Sleepwalkers, Coda Conduct, Sarah Connor, Izzy and DJ Maniak will be performing an exclusive show for Youth Week, with plenty of added atmosphere by way of dance battles, a chance to prove your freestyle skills in live cypher open mics, giveaways and more.  - Dani Marsland

When & Where: Sat Apr 11, 12pm. Goodgod Small Club, 55 Liverpool St, Sydney. Note this is an alcohol free, all-ages event. Gold Coin Donation. 


If you’ve been reading these no money weekends for a while, you’d know that if there’s one thing Sydney loves, it’s a good market. Arguably, the good folks who put together the Redfern Night Markets throw the best one of all, and luckily for you, it’s this Friday. Featuring live music from a bunch of DJ’s plus a live Reggae act, the local food trucks you’ve come to know over the years and all the handcrafted knick knacks you can throw you disposable income act, It’s sure to be an absolutely corking Friday night. Get in quick before it gets too cold for this kinda shit. - Brad Nash

When & Where: Fri Apr 10, 4.30-9.30pm. Redfern Community Centre, Hugo St, Redfern. Free.


Vinyl records tend to get a bad rap. This is generally down to the fact that the people who buy them fall into three categories: people who own record players and see them as some kind of superior purist listening experience, people who don’t own record players and are collecting them anyway for some nostalgic reason, and people who will forge the artist’s signature and try and sell it on ebay for wads of cash. Whether you fall into one of these categories or not, this weekend’s Glebe record fair looks like a shit ton of fun. Swap records, talk music with like-minded individuals, and stare in wonder at the album overs of the 80s. - Brad Nash

When & Where: Sat Apr 11, earlybirds from 9am, Gen. Adm. 10am. Peter Forsyth Auditorium, Francis St, Glebe. Earlybirds $6, General Admission $3


The Cider Fair is back for its second year after the success of last year. There will be over 26 different varieties of this bubbly goodness from both local and international geniuses. Featured labels will include Young Henry's, Bulmers, Bilpin, Kirin, Apple Thief, Willie Smiths, Fog City cider and a Spanish import from the Basque region of San Sebastian called Sidra Del Verano. In case boutique cider doesn’t make you feel hipster enough, there will be live folk bands playing throughout the day. There will also be $12 coal roasted pork rolls to help you sober up as you sip your way to legless. – Sam Garcia

When & Where: Sat Apr 11, Newtown Hotel, 174 King St, Newtown. Free entry.


Pushed back because of bad weather, Art in the Park will be on this weekend…hopefully. This will be the first of several sessions showcasing local artists at local parks. Not only does the event give viewers the chance to have a chat and a beer with the artists, it allows for a free space and relaxed environment where people can move freely between pieces rather than being shuffled along like in an enclosed gallery. Artists such as Vish, Tori Rose Wright and Natasha Michels will be not only featured but also around to shoot the breeze. Skinny Legions will be playing a live acoustic set so you know the vibe will be awesome. – Sam Garcia

When & Where: Sat 11 April, from 1pm, Camperdown Park, Newtown. Free entry. 

Record Fair

Above: Record Fair



Occasionally, one wakes up in the morning and thinks to oneself, ‘It’s Friday, it’s the weekend, and I just want to feel my skin crawl’. Well shit, it’s a good thing The Val Cinema is screening a double bill of Berberian Sound Studio and Nightcrawler. The former, a very weird ode to 70s Italo-horror set in a recording studio; the latter, basically Jake Gyllenhaal transforming into a modern-day Travis Bickle rollicking through LA’s underbelly in one of the best films of last year. This one’s technically $12, but is worth a two-buck splurge. – Reb Mery

When & Where: Fri April 10, 7pm, The Val Cinema, 214 Swan St Richmond. $12.


Latino-philes and all those who lament the departure of Amor y Locura’s shop from Gertrude Street, rejoice. The Latin American boutique’s monthly Brunswick warehouse sale is happening on Saturday, for all your Dia de los Muertos skull needs (and plenty else besides). Expect to find – direct from artisans – Mexican dresses, papel picado, Margarita glasses, ceramics, baskets, cookbooks, Acapulco chairs, embroidery and many skulls y mucho mas. That means ‘much more’, para su información. -  Reb Mery 

When & Where: Sat April 11, 10am, Amor y Locura warehouse, 4 Rickard Street, Brunswick East. Free entry.


Crashing the birthday of someone you barely know very often results in a bloody good night. It’s likely that Matt Fazio knows this; the celebration of his 25th year alive – Faztival! if you will – is happening at the Tote on Sunday. The musical lineup includes Baptism of Uzi, Honey Badgers and Ocean Party, which is definitely better than my last birthday. Aside from 11 bands for 11 bucks, there’ll be a BBQ out the back. Festivities (faztivities?) kick off at 2pm. - Reb Mery

When & Where: Sun April 12, 2pm, The Tote, 71 Johnston St Collingwood. $11.


Above: Nightcrawler


The Railway Hotel in Brunswick is newly renovated and ready to show you a good time. Friday marks Cutting Shapes #4, a 14-hour musical journey for your body and mind. The night will begin with an open air spectacular, later moving indoors and down the rabbit hole for the tasty beats to continue. The Cutting Shapes boys are keeping it local this time, with acts like Edd Fisher (Wax’o Paradiso) and Matt Priddy (Raw Wax) gracing the decks. Also it’s $9 jugs all night, better clear your schedule - Alyce

When & Where: Fri April 10, The Railway Hotel, 291 Albert Street, Brunswick. $10 before 12.


If you’ve woken up hangover free in the morning, damn well good for you. So why not head to The Club Of Odd Volumes’ studio and pick yourself up something nice, you’ve earned it. There will be sales from Landlocked Apparel, sweet prints from Laura Blythman, dope sox from Unempire, and handmade jewellery and soy candle stalls for you to check out from 9am. If you need a little pep-up, there’ll be coffee coming from Peasant Boy’s Bean Squeezery and food trucks to keep your belly happy - Alyce

When & Where: Sat-Sun, The Odd Studio, 13 Derby Street, Collingwood. Free entry.


The dudes at Howler have teamed up with Aevoe Cinema to bring you all the teen angst you can handle for the next month with a bunch of coming-of-age films on show. This Sunday you can catch Palo Alto, written by the weird and wonderful James Franco, and starring Emma Roberts. Forget your adult responsibilities for a while and take yourself back to the days of body discovery and sipping your first Cruiser for an easy $15 from Moshtix - Alyce

When & Where: Sun April 12, Howler, 7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick. $15 from Moshtix.


Above: Edd Fisher



Post grunge outfit Black Coral are teaming up with Fritz Dolly and One Thousand Couples for a complimentary show at the Glenelg Backpackers. The evening is set to be a corroboration of post rock, alternative, free form and noise psychedelia for the whole family! Black Coral have recently made the top 50 songs of the year on 3D Radio and are concurrently seen as a prominent fixture of the Adelaide live scene. One Thousand Couples features members of Mountbatten and It’s a Hoax, whereas Fritz Dolly remain ultimately mysterious. - Jonty Czuchwicki

When and Where: Fri April 10, The Backpackers, Mosely Street, Glenelg. (Free Entry)


Adelaide funk-groovers The Tony Font show will be headlining a macho show. On the bill is the aforementioned It’s a Hoax and ever so graciously; the first ever live appearance from Adelaide’s foremost stoner rock gurus Inwoods at the Crown and Anchor Hotel. If you’re into the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Queen’s of the Stoneage you will be delighted by the aural affectations of these phat sounding rock bands, all of whom absolutely bring the thunder when performing live on stage. At five dollars a head this one most definitely won’t break the budget. See you at the big rock show! - Jonty Czuchwicki

When and Where: The Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell Street Adelaide. ($5 Entry)


The Prophets of Impending Doom, Bitchspawn and Stabithia and the Knifey Wifeys will be joining forces in what is probably the most hardcore sounding bill of the year! At the Crown & Sceptre hotel you will be inaugurated into a night of easy listening and fun for the whole family! The Prophets of Impending Doom are a fusion band, mutating a full brass ska band with heavy metal sensibilities and a professional cowbell player. They really are a sight to behold, if your face hasn’t yet been melted simply by reading this. Disclaimer: Easy listening not guaranteed. Family must be over 18! - Jonty Czuchwicki

When and Where: Sat April 11, The Crown & Sceptre Hotel, 308 King William Street, Adelaide. (Free Entry)


Get some hard tuned gobsmacking psychedelic rock and roll goodness into your ears this Friday courtesy of Adelaide’s loveable hard hitting three piece Jungle City. As one of my favourite bands in Adelaide to see play and play alongside you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot of mojo to gain by strutting into the Crown & Sceptre for free on Friday. Joining Jungle City will be MF Jones who have trekked al the way from Victoria as well as relative new comers House of Jade, who will be cranking out some loud alternative rock for your sensual pleasure. - Jonty Czuchwicki

When and Where: Fri April 10, The Crown & Sceptre Hotel, 308 King William Street, Adelaide. (Free Entry)


The cold, gloom and rain has most certainly settled itself the fuck in, and what better a place to put on your coat and fingerless gloves and brood over copious jugs on Coopers Dark Ale than at The Exeter? You can even chain smoke that special vanilla tobacco you bought from the specialist merchant right next door. Inside A Modern Arrest are heading a double bill with West of Salvador in the front bar. Expect soulful tunes and wickedly delightful vocals to caress your inner being. Then you can caress your dark ale induced hangover the morning after! - Jonty Czuchwicki

When and Where: Sun April 12, The Exeter, 246 Rundle Street, Adelaide (Free Entry)


You’re likely nursing your stomach or (who am I kidding) working off those carbs after Easter last weekend, but local youngsters Atilla My Honey have cordially invited you to their special easter show at The Ed Castle on Friday. Joining the seven piece grunge outfit will be Weekday Wolves and Druid Fluids, the latter of which recently performed at an surging underground house party. With its famous $10 meal specials The Ed Castle is a great place to grab some grub and enjoy some tunes. Though I guess after paying the $5 entry fee some of you will have to try and order half a plate. - Jonty Czuchwicki

When and Where: Fri April 10, 233 Currie Street, Adelaide ($5 Entry).

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Above: Jungle City 



The Powerhouse is sometime's overlooked, being at the end of New Farm and a little out of the way, but there's a stack of free content at the venue on offer over the course of a weekend. Knockoff on Fridays, plays host to a variety of local and international comedians. While you're there head downstairs to check out the 2015 Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition which always presents a stunning array of imagery from the world's best photographers. And if you still find yourself in the area, hang around till Sunday where you can catch live music at Livespark -- again showcasing a rotating roster of up-and-coming Australian musical talent. - Miles Ruge

When & Where: 119 Lamington Street, New Farm, Brisbane. Open Mon 9am–5pm, Tue–Sun 9am-9pm. Free.


Brisbane's GOMA is another hidden gem that is often easily overlooked in the pursuit for newness. However, don't be spooked by the wealthy connotations that being Queensland's premier gallery throws up as there is a stack of free content on offer at GOMA. There's currently a David Lynch exhibition on show, and Yayoi Kusama's The Obliteration Room is one exhibition that has been garnering a lot of social media attention lately, and rightly so. It may be in the children's centre, but who could resist the urge to clamber inside a room sprayed in a variable rainbow of coloured dots; it's sure to provide sufficient material for your Saturday social media post. Check out the full listing of free exhibitions at the GOMA website. - Miles Ruge

When & Where: Open 10am - 5pm daily. Stanley Place, Cultural Precint, Southbank. Free. 


The edge has finally worn off Queensland's summer weather just enough to make being outside during the day a pleasant enough experience, without feeling like you're burning to death. Grab some mates, or your significant other, some food and booze, and head out to lap up some delicious early winter sunshine. New Farm Park is a favourite, with plenty of facilities, and it's quiet enough that a blind eye is often turned to drinking in public. It's called the sunshine state for a reason. - Miles Ruge

When & Where: 1038 Brunswick St, New Farm, access via ferry or bus. Free.


Above: Yayoi Kusama's The Obliteration Room, at GOMA. 



Cosy-ing up with your mates inside an old bus, outside a brick cottage-style pub called Preachers (the bus is permanantly fixed outside the pub, as a part of the venue, keep up), sipping Tasmanian craft beer, on a Sunday afternoon. We would tell you to go do this, but surely we'd be "preaching" to the converted! This Sunday, Preachers hosts a Stone & Wood brewing event, featuring kegs of six different limited-edition beers dating back to days when Hobart was "Old Hobart Town". So yeah, really traditional beers. If you're not into the "Old" beers on offer in the kegs (although, those are the free ones, which is important to note), Preachers has some of the territory's finest beers on tap (12 brews, to be precise) including Moo Brew, Seven Sheds and Stacks Bluff. Also: dumplings, calamari and chips (beer-battered, duh) to line your belly. - Dani Marsland

When & Where: Tapping begins at 2pm! Preachers, 5 Knopwood Street, Hobart. 

Preachers 05


If there's one thing Tasmanians have a lot of, it's apples. Apparently. Also: beautiful mountains, the kind that are perfect for trekking through. But how to choose your mountain? Well, you have to look for the ones with additional extras. Like Mt Wellington, which has its own Waterworks Reservoir - a network of stone and timber troughs and channels, engineered years and years ago, that gather waters running from the mountain's highest slopes. There's an exhibition of the reservoir's history at the Receiving house if you want to brush up before you hit the maze of walking tracks, that stretch around the reservoirs and beyond into the bushland of Rideway. Or grab a mountain bike, and hit the North South track - it's a killer ride. After you've exerted yourself, relax your legs and have a BBQ on the Reservoir's lawns. - Dani Marsland 

 When & Where: Every day, 8.30am - 4pm. Waterworks Road, Tasmania. Free entry. 


Above: Waterworks Reservoir


The French sport of petanque is basically a version of bowls (boules game) that started when a guy had a wheelchair accident many years ago and... eh, whatever. You basically stand in a circle and attempt to throw bigger balls towards a smaller ball. The Hobart Petanque Club is fighting (pretty casually) to keep this centuries-old game alive - head down for social games Mon through Thur, and if you're willing to become a member, there's a 'members-only' gaming session on Sundays (code for: cult, clearly). The Petanque Club is even on Facebook! Go over and chuck them a like, push that grand total from seven to eight likes. - Dani Marsland 

When & Where: Mon - Thur social gaming, Sun members gaming, full info here. Long Point Road, Lower Sandy Bay (behind Prosser's Restaurant) Hobart, $2 or $3 for members. 



It's been a little dry after the summer heat, too celebrate the end of the sweaty season Caroles and Greenfog are throwing an ‘Up in Smoke’ bash. Required: rebuilding, collectively, your smoke inhaling tendencies. Not only that, but this gig will also welcome in their North Island tour which is set to be a total doozy. SIIIIACK. Featuring a smoking deck, good rock music, a floor/fuck stage to touch the sweaty band members, and plenty of drunk dancing chicks and chlads. If you missed out on Carole’s playing Mint Chicks, then don’t miss out on this night, It’s one for the scrapbook. - Georgina Bidois

When & Where: Fri Apr 10, 8pm, Kings Arms Sports Bar, 59 France Street South, Eden Terrace, Auckland. $10.


Clique up madness! Get the boys together and head downtown to Tyler Street Garage where its about to go off for the night. These cats are always pulling out the bangers and this Friday would you expect anything else? I hear there are super sweet drink deals and sneaky booths to pull your one in a million into for a sexy chat, and a second chance. Long live dancing so hard your feet fall off, but just remember to pace yourself people, this place cranks until the early Sunday am. - Georgina Bidois

When & Where: Fri Apr 10, 10pm, Tyler Street Garage, 120 Quay Street, Britomart, Auckland. Free. 


You would’ve seen her making waterfalls at Camp Chronophonium during the summer, but Amber is back up north for a show that you don’t want to miss out on. Amongst the Alfresco showcase of art, culture and music, this night will be truly magical downstairs from the Saint Kevin’s arcade. Joining in on the fun will be Ducklingmonster, Power Nap and the Diana Tribute to soothe your mind and make your imagination wander. Described as ‘lovelorn synthpop enchantments of low lying electronic reality and hi-tech paranoia’, get down or get out! - Georgina Bidois

When & Where: Sat 11 Apr, 8pm, Audio Foundation, Sub Basement of the Parisian Tie Factory, 4 Poyton Terrace, Auckland. $10 on door.

tyler st

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