Luke Whelan

Just Emphasize The Future Understanding, Everyone Loses Cool Along New Travels. Myself Even Learnt That Solid Theory Equals Emotions. Look Beyond Earth As Mere Surrounds. Whisper those first letters softly to unlock the truth from the Pilerats/Metric Director/dank meme conspiracy consultant.

CinePile: Steve Jobs

A movie as tightly controlled as the world of Jobs.

1 year ago

Is Dan Bilzerian Actually James Bond?

Photographic evidence that the dude everyone loves to hate is actually a super spy.

3 years ago

Ciggie Butt Pain Pt. 2

We've skipped straight to depressing, but with flow charts.

3 years ago

Ciggie Butt Pain - Pt. 1

One man's battle with addiction, using the joys of poetry.

3 years ago

CinePile: 'Her' Movie Review

A review and some musings on Spike Jonze's latest masterpiece.

3 years ago