Hot Dub Time Machine's Top 5 Anti-Cool Songs Of All Time

Hot Dub Time Machine's Top 5 Anti-Cool Songs Of All Time

Songs you might call cheesy, but are guaranteed to go off every time.

Wonderland Festival is only a couple of weeks away, and last week saw the announcement of the final act, certified party starter Hot Dub Time Machine. He joins Alison Wonderland, Dune Rats, Safia and more December 19 at Langley park in Perth, and to mark the occasion we asked Hot Dub for the songs that might not traditionally be seen as "cool", but will go off each and every time they're played. So over to him:

I think there are no songs that "shouldn't go off but do." If a song makes large amounts of people happy, then it's a great and powerful piece of music regardless of how critics might feel about it. These aren't songs that I'm ashamed of liking, these are fucking awesome songs that I love that some people might think are "cheesy". But they are wrong! I'm starting a movement to ban the word "cheese" when applied to music. Don't judge what other people like, chin stroking means you're not dancing hard enough...

1. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor:

The greatest break-up song ever written and a disco masterpiece. People who think it's over played aren't doing it right: I've played this song all over the world hundreds of times and I still sing it like I mean it.

2. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi:

I can't remember the first time I played this song, but I know it wasn't in the first year of Hot Dub. But somewhere along the way it became a mid-80s Hot Dub moment that now happens at every gig, because it's just so epic, awesome and shamelessly 80s! Lyrically I love the working man story of the song, and you've got to admit it's a hell of a singer who can pull it off. Just remember: Gina is working for loooooooooove...

3. Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice:

I love starting 1989 with this song (mainly because it's a great tempo to mix with Like A Prayer which is the best 80s closer ever). I loved this song when it came out. I was 3 years old. Okay. I was older than that. But I know all the words, and if you do, you shouldn't be ashamed to let that freak flag fly. It's a really funky tune.

4. We Like To Party - The Venga Boys:

There has been so many barriers of "cool" that I've had to break down in my own mind while doing Hot Dub. This was a song that I was never, ever going to play. In the late 90s I was metal fan who was discovering rave in sweaty nightclubs, and this song was not played there. It was a joke song that wasn't taken seriously. But then I got a request from a Hot Dub fan who I love, popped it in and you know what? It's really a pretty fucking great tune. It kicks! The production is really tight, it's not too fast and layered like some other 90s dance like Aqua, it's a great bit of dance music. So another "cool barrier" broken. But I'll never, ever, play Aqua! (I probably totally will)

5. I Love It - Icona Pop:

When I first heard this song on the radio, I had one of those stop the car moments. This song is a burst of Madchester meets Karen O meets Calvin Harris. It's a pop song, but there's just a dash of indie/punk in there and it elevates it above the rest. Then it was everywhere. On every ad. Played by every DJ. So I stopped playing it. But I started again a year ago and it sounds better than ever. This is a great piece of pop music and it will be for a long time yet.

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