Listen: Running Touch - Post-Modern [Premiere]

Listen: Running Touch - Post-Modern [Premiere]

Meet exciting new Australian producer Running Touch and his new single, Post-Modern.

Running Touch is a mysterious new Aussie producer who thus far is something of an enigma. With big proclamations likening him to identity-guarded producers like Daft Punk and ZHU, it's his music that really has us excited. There's a lot going on in what we've seen so far, so it'd be cheating to say deep-house is his main genre, although the track we're premiering today definitely has that feel. Take a listen to Post-Modern below, and peer (a little) behind the curtain of this exciting Aussie producer.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions man, First up, without revealing too much of course, can you take us through your musical history a little?

I think the only thing I need to draw on is just that… history. My musical journey has entirely stemmed and grown from discovering and learning music history and the icons within it. At every turn I found myself in love with a new genre and in turn, pursued it instrumentally.

You used to play in a metal group, are you still involved with that project, and how’s it influenced your productions (if at all)?

I am very much involved yes. I write lyrically and instrumentally with them. I found my lyrical style through the band. That’s definitely something that’s leaked into this project.

You seem to have a really diverse range of influences (musically and otherwise), can you take us through some of them?

If I’m honest, most of my influences are outside of music. Prolific, awe-inspiring craftsman who show time and time again that passion and unwavering discipline creates something beautiful. As for music… My playlist goes from Sex Pistols to Bach - everything in between moves me with every listen! Running Touch soaks up a lot of the tamer stuff, anything from Ed Sheeran and London Grammar, to Disclosure and Flume.

Being touted by some sites as Australia’s ZHU is pretty lofty claims, do you just kinda take those things in your stride and appreciate the comparisons?

I’ll take any and every compliment I can get. I am a disgustingly large self-critic.

Can you take us through your writing/producing process? We imagine it features plenty of live instrumentation?

It’s completely spontaneous and serendipitous. But I almost always begin with a title, a story or lyrics. And I have all my instruments in my room. So I just strum, play, tinker and click until I hit eureka.

Are you currently working on an EP – how’s it going?

I am working with a LOT of material - I really mean a lot! So it’s hard to dumb that all down in to 4-5 songs. But all in all, it’s almost there.

And you’ll be playing your first shows soon, how’s the live show coming along?

I love preparing and the thought of playing live properly again. It’s coming along really well I think.

Coming from a live music background, how important is it for you to properly craft a full live experience?

It’s everything. There is nothing like breathing in a good act and there is nothing more satisfying that pulling one off yourself.

And tying it with that multi-faceted vibe, you’re not just a producer, but take pride in a lot of other disciplines, what else do you do outside of production, and then how do you tie that back in with the music side of things?

I am infatuated with all things lyricism, instruments, novels, videography and art. Anything that screams ‘expression’. I think if you combine all of that with music you’re something of a holistic artist. That’s definitely the goal!

That mystery angle definitely helps to pique people’s interest, but I remember interviewing Golden Features in his earlier days and he said he couldn’t wait to just get past the “hidden behind a mask” thing so people could just focus on the music, do you feel that as well at all?

I suppose. You can’t not really. But I work on about 3-4 other projects under different aliases… so it takes my mind away from that a little.

What’s your plans for 2015 and beyond?

Make Running Touch something singular and distinctive. Embrace every opportunity and use every second to make this something special! 

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions man, we’re really excited to see where you take this project moving forward.

My pleasure! Thank you very much.

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