Disclosure are dropping five new songs this week, and the first is 10/10 brilliant

Disclosure are dropping five new songs this week, and the first is 10/10 brilliant

The UK brothers went for a similar roll-out with their Moonlight and Ecstasy EPs, and by the sounds of it, this one is going to be just as good.

Although most people would've gravitated to Disclosure via their three albums - 2013's Settle, 2015's Caracal and last year's ENERGY - some of the best music the UK brothers have ever put out have featured on none of those albums. Often, they live amongst the usually overlooked gems that sit in between their big records, like the work that littered their discography as Latch began to take off, their five-track Moonlight EP back in 2018, or the Ecstasy prelude to ENERGY that came out closer to the start of the year.

It's in these releases where Disclosure's experimentation and production prowess really begins to make itself known; where the talent and skillset of Guy and Howard Lawrence are able to fly at their most free-spirited and restrictionless, rather than having to move around the vocals of guest collaborators or anything else. Often, they can also provide a hint at where the duo's sound will continue to strive in the future - just look how the Ecstasy EP brought teasers of the album that would follow later in the year.

Today, we welcome another example - more proof - of what we're talking about. In comes in the form of In My Arms, a sprawling six-minute epic that comes as Disclosure announce that they'll be sharing five songs in five days this week, each showcasing different facets of Disclosure and the many things they've been working on amongst a COVID-induced lockdown away from touring and the clubs. "The spark that ignited the creation of this body of work came from a place of wanting to revitalise a very fractured and uncertain dance music scene and club culture that has changed so much all over the world for obvious reasons in the last 18 months," Guy explains.

"While piecing together initial ideas during the spring of 2021, hope began to glimmer on the horizon for producers and DJs that we may soon be able to gather together again, dancing and listening to music as one, participating in something larger than ourselves. So we asked each other… what would we want to hear in those moments? What does that first moment back in a club sound like? What does walking into Shangri-la, Glasto at 2AM feel like again? What does a headline show at Reading look like after all the difficulties 2020 brought on our whole industry?"

"With all these questions unanswered and with the possibility that any of these events may actually be allowed to take place, we set to work on creating something that might fit one of those magical moments some of us have been longing to participate in again."

In My Arms attempts to answer those questions, with a driving bass rhythm launching the tempo upwards as dancing melodies and pacing samples dance amongst the energised production tapestry that Guy and Lawrence build on In My Arms. It sounds like the other singles from the project - Seduction, Another Level, Happening and the title track for the full set, Never Enough - will navigate this complex situation in other ways too, breaking down the questioning of the duo's last 18 months as they begin to set their sights forward on a bright, open future.

The other tracks will come over the next few days, but for now, take a dive into In My Arms below, and take note on how Disclosure are continuing to evolve off the back of another brilliant album:

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