Five Minutes With LDRU

Five Minutes With LDRU

We took five with LDRU as the new clip for his latest single drops.

LDRU had a barnstorming finish to 2015 with the release of his massive single Keeping Score feat. Page IV, and hasn't slowed down a bit in 2016 with the release of latest single Next To You feat. Savoi. Today sees the release of that single's wonderfully weird video clip, and we took five with the man as his massive upcoming Australian tour approaches (dates down the bottom):

Eyy LDRewzyU it’s Dean, Bean, Onyx Syndicate rolling through with these Q’s for Pilerats crew, how's things?

Things are good, stuff is great too. I've just been making music and enjoying life :).

Sooo Next To You with Savoi on the vocals just recently dropped, keeping to that traditional feel good tropical vibe you always bring. How’d you go creating the track? Was it a lengthy process and how’d you link up with Savoi?

It was a lengthy process. I had about 31 different versions of the song before I was happy with it. Thats the beauty of the creative process I guess. Sometimes you need to keep evolving the song until you were happy with it. I met Savoi through my manager, he sent me over some straight fire vocals and the rest is history.

And congrats on the new video clip – can you tell us a bit about it?

It's one of my favourite video clips. The concept is so bizarre i love it, I secretly wish the Banana won though ;)

It’s a pretty stacked tour you’ve got coming up with the likes of Jordan Burns, LOLO BX, Dugong Jr, TIME PILOT and Tigerilla supporting all their local cities. Not to mention Washington DC boy Manila Killa and the Barney Cools DJs joining you for each city... Why’d you gather this squad?

I just wanted to have a good group of talented people around me for the tour. I'm a fan of all their work so I’m super stoked to have them on tour with me. I also have some surprises in the works with Barney Cools.

What’s in the works for after tour recovery? More LDRU music to come? Carmada things? R&R?

Definitely more surfing and some COD. Theres a bunch of new music still to come with the Dirty Seeds EP and Carmada's EP too.

Keeping Score just got a very fresh Paces x Guy Sebastian cover last week – what’d you reckon? And 13 years ago when you were watching Australian Idol and saw Guy Sebastian win, and someone turned to you and said, this guy is gonna cover one of your songs one day, what would your response have been?

Oh man wasn’t it amazing, I was blown away. Seeing my song performed like that was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. Although three year old me would have said “what about Nollsie?"

It’s only been three-and-a-half years since The Tropics came out, can you try and summarise the past few years since that track – things have been rather hectic, no?

I don’t know if there’s anyway to summarise it all in one sentence. I definitely didn’t think I would be sitting here today in the position I’m in thats for sure. I just want to say thank you to everyone thats supported my career and believed in me.


You got any advice for aspiring artists out there to achieve the things you have?

Make music that makes you happy.

And parting words?

See you on the dancefloor.


Sat Jul 2 // Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (Tickets)

Fri Jul 8 // Villa, Perth (Tickets)

Sat Jul 9 // Fat Controller, Adelaide (Tickets)

Fri Jul 15 // Triffid, Brisbane (Tickets)

Sat Jul 16 // Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (Tickets)


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