Joy Orbison Takes Flight on New Single 'flight fm'

Joy Orbison Takes Flight on New Single 'flight fm'

The set-stealing highlight from his recent shows is finally out to the public

Photo Credit: John Renaut

After already destroying dancefloors the world over, beloved British producer Joy Orbison today has released flight fm to the world.

Written and recorded while waiting for a lift to perform at Lost Village Festival 2023, Joy gave his mix the old faithful “car test” on the way to the gig, with fellow passengers saying he had to give it a spin that night. He did, the dancefloor lost their collective shit and the rest is history, with flight fm soon being shared with a tight knit group of fellow DJs, including Four Tet who played it a whopping three times during his recent Warehouse Project B3B with Skrillex and Fred again..

Now after getting it’s proper final mix and master, flight fm is out for every person and his DJ to enjoy. Opening with mellow bleeps and bloops, the first rumblings of the track’s unstoppable bass line soon give a little preview of what’s to come, before some claps come in to push things forward. Skippy kick drums are soon added to the mix, with more layers of synths entering the fray as flight fm builds to the star of the show - the distorted, wobbly, show stealing and just downright nasty bass line.

Sure to be a staple in many a DJ set over the coming months, catch flight fm now:

Joy Orbison's new single flight fm is out now via XL Recordings / Remote Control

Joy Orbison Flight FM

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