Get to know BOLEYN, who just dropped a captivating new alt-pop banger, The Revisionist

Get to know BOLEYN, who just dropped a captivating new alt-pop banger, The Revisionist

It's taken from a forthcoming seven-track EP, Speaking Out Of Turn.

While BOLEYN used to be a full band, over the past couple of years it has become a solo project based out of Cronulla, one that has a swag of new music coming following some serious hours clocked in LA and New York honing his craft and exploring. The first fruits of that labour recently came to fruition with the release of new single The Revisionist last week, an difficult-to-pin down slice of alt-pop, inspired in part by the breakups of both band and a relationship.

It's taken from a forthcoming EP Speaking Out Of Turn, "a seven-track EP about the anxieties of youth, sexuality and dealing with the pressures of being the child of first-generation immigrants," and while we can't wait to hear the rest of those tracks, please enjoy The Revisionist and getting to know BOLEYN a little better, below:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a 22-year-old law grad from the beachy fringes of Cronulla, a walking oxymoron and lover of too much beer.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

In general terms I’m influenced by a range of genres. My parents listen to hip hop/rap/jazz so those are always lingering in the background somewhere. My EP has elements of that, EDM and folk as well – I swear Spotify has no idea what to do with my disparate taste in music. On the whole though, I really just try to write honest songs that hurt a little bit to sing, push that through a pop-focused production filter and see what comes out.

Production/writing process:

Tbh I spent most of the writing process for my EP drunk on $5 wine. Generally though, everything starts with a single piece of melody or lyric, I sit down with my acoustic guitar and try and spin that into a full length song. I’ll record that on a voice memo and shoot it through to my production duo, Clockwork Odyssey, before hitting the studio to nut out a proper tonal pallet.

Can you tell us about your new single, The Revisionist?

The Revisionist was actually the first song I worked on for the record. I wrote it about the breakup of a band and halfway through it started to become about a breakup of a relationship – I was struck by how similar they are in some respects. It’s really all about the end of something that once meant the world to you, that now the other person is trying to forget or erase. It’s weird because they still go to the places you showed them, with people you introduced them to, but they go there without you.

And I get why some people do that, I understand that sometimes you need the other person to not exist in order to move forward, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt to be the one who’s erased. So essentially the song is a ‘fuck you’ to that person. You might walk around and pretend that what we had didn’t mean anything, but you and I both know that it did, we both know we left that relationship different than how we came in, and even though it’s ended you can’t erase the fact that my name melted in your mouth.

Any shows coming up?

The plan is to do a run of shows early in the new year!

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

The year is nearly over so I’m focused on dropping my next single and then, eventually, the whole damn record.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Follow me on Spotify and stay tuned for my next single (and eventually my EP). Also follow me on these links to stay updated about everything I’ve got going on: Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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