Annie Bass and Christopher Port unite for new two-track, Thrown Away/Counting All

Annie Bass and Christopher Port unite for new two-track, Thrown Away/Counting All

The two 2017 highlights continue to grow and mould their unique sounds, which this time, come together.

In 2017, Australia birthed a mountainous amount of rising electronic artists – Jack Grace, Confidence Man, Ninajirachi, Willaris K., and Woodes all particularly come to mind. Sydney songwriter Annie Bass and Melbourne beat-maker Christopher Port are another two, the former providing a crystal-ball-like gaze into the future with the engrossing single Don't Want, and the latter, in addition to producing Don't Want, teaming up with Future Classic and long-time label Pieater to release his sensational and unique Everything In Quotes "DARK". Today arrives a surprise new two-track release from the pairing, who compliment each other perfectly on the quick-paced and percussive electronic anthem Thrown Away and the more subtle Counting All. The two singles showcase Christopher Port's already well-documented knack for crafting engrossing and inviting electronic productions, which sit perfectly at home alongside Annie Bass' renowned vocals that ooze with this ethereal and delicate flavour. It's the perfect combination of both the artists' strong-points, which blend to create this intoxicating and over-indulgent feeling which almost feels guilty to consume – sort-of like mixing your two favourite gelato flavours together even though either one of the flavours hold perfectly strong on their own – it just takes it to a whole other level.

"Thrown Away is about the desperate fear of a something ending, and all the things you'll tell yourself to keep it from slipping away," says Annie Bass on the single. "The song began as a piano ballad - recorded as a voice memo on my iPhone and tucked away for a long time. Working together with Chris brought it back to life. He has a way of turning words and melodies I never thought would see the light of day into songs I am really proud of."

"The two-track was made in a handful of sessions in Melbourne with each track starting as a sketch by Annabel," Christopher Port adds. "We both worked at picking them apart and flipping them around, changing the chords, melody and lyrics together, all delivered through Annabel's incredible voice. The end result is the most truly collaborative music I’ve made to date. I'm so proud of what we made and am so glad it's out in the world."

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