Track x Track: Naretha Williams - Into Dusk We Fall

Track x Track: Naretha Williams - Into Dusk We Fall

Birrarung-ga/Naarm-based electronic composer takes us through her stunning, boundary-pushing new album.

Following a couple of singles, including the awesome Tender Kill that we had in our best tracks of the week when it dropped, composer, producer and vocalist Naretha Williams has readied her sophomore album, Into Dusk We Fall, out now through her new record label, Groundstar Music.

Working with collaborator and label partner Cyrus Williams, Into Dusk We Fall picks up where her debut, 2020's Blak Mass, left off, building and expanding on the exploratory compositional techniques and styles. From thumping four to the floor dance music inspired cuts to new wave and industrial influenced sounds and some upper tempo vibes thrown in for good measure, Into Dusk We Fall is a delightful exploration of where experimentation and the dance floor meet in an engrossing manner.

To celebrate the release of Into Dusk We Fall, Naretha was kind enough to take us through the album, track by track - have a listen and get to know below!


This opening track features a vocal that works as a rhythmic sonic motif.It is in essence an audio sigil,utilising repeated, intentional phrases in rounds that percolate over an industrial musical bed. Inspired by an earlier unreleased sketch, this was written specifically to open the record and sets the tone and intention for the album.It is also the inspiration for the cover – the potent, deadly Nightshade plant, also known as the ‘Devil’s Berry’.


This track centres pulsating synth lines with lyrically loaded vocals that feel airy but urgent. Pacey percussive elements drive deep basslines and tense electronic textures. ‘Kairotic’ pushes back against established power, amplifies personal agency, and marks the feeling of an impending turning point, where everything eventually aligns.

Wind You Up

The bassline was the structural starting point here and is heavily layered with effected soft synth textures, solid drum programming and assertive vocals. It’s essentially a ‘make out’ song, celebrating people’s divine personal complexities and in full appreciation for each other’s glorious flaws.

Control Z

A low, growly bass is balanced out by high open chords and is detailed by an almost psychedelic, modulating string lead in this instrumental track. It has the feeling of a Summer locking in, and finally being able to let go. Control Z, undo, return, reset.

Tender Kill

Melodic and airy vocals sit as two lone verses that break high over a dark minimal bed of percussive synths and a pendulous bassline. The evocative lyrics pull you into the dark undertone of the song, alluding to a palpable and almost dangerous pull between two people, yet allows the listener to linger on intended meanings.

Second Star

A musical odyssey with intense synths caressing a spine breaking drum pattern from collaborator Cyrus Williams, mirroring beauty and tragedy in the same breath. Sci-fi and apocalyptic, this track is particularly impressive with the contributions from my production team with mix engineer Myles Mumford absolutely nailing the sidechains, and mastering legend David Walker noting, ‘I have the bass just threatening to take over” as a general approach throughout.


Ominous and contemplative, this 5/4 time signature sneakily destabilises the four on the floor kick that has been established throughout the record. The heavily grounded bass is lifted by a melodic piano and lofty atmospheric textures. Written purposefully as the lead into the closing track.

Into Dusk We Fall

Brings the opus of Into Dusk We Fall as an album, to an encapsulating end. The strings harness an emotional journey, accented with bold electronic layers and sparse, considered lyrics. Into Dusk We Fall is about coming home - to yourself, to your people and to your place.

          - Naretha Williams, May 2023

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