Premiere: Pot Plant House Party tease their new EP with new single / video, France

Premiere: Pot Plant House Party tease their new EP with new single / video, France

Arriving with an official video clip filmed at Rosemount Bowls, the track firmly places itself in the more punk-y side of the Perth band's sound.

Over the last two years or so, Pot Plant House Party have proved time and time again that they're next-up in Perth's rock-adjacent world, whether that be shone through their debut EP - 2018's self-titled release - or the string of singles that have arrived since, largely those following their break-out 2019 anthems Fuel Light and Orbit. They've been quick to make themselves known on the live stage too; the band really channelling the heavier, punk-y roots of their work for an energetic and vicious live show that really emphasises their craft and what they do best.

Even in 2020, a year they admittedly haven't had the chance to play live as much as they'd hope, the Perth group have kept focused and looking forwards. Back at the tail-end of May, they dropped the sensibly-named Month of May, a song that "touches on the feelings of getting caught up in your own thoughts, sometimes for an amount of time you lose track of." They also announced a bit of a lineup change, with Jono Mata leaving to focus on his Sly Withers project, replaced by bassist Matt Templeman, who joins the group after working behind-the-scenes on the project since its inception, as both a producer and engineer.

Now, they're continuing to look forward, aiming to really deliver Pot Plant House Party at their most potent and raw with their second single of the year, FranceFrance is an explosive three-minutes-thirty that really sits in the heavier side of the group's discography, bringing forward those punk-meets-alt-rock roots the band have built upon over the years and fleshing it out. The end result, is one of the most fierce and focused songs to date, one that really shows that they're a force to be reckoned with as they bound towards a big second half of the year planned.

A big part of that second half of the year planned is the release of their sophomore EP, of which France is the second tease of, following the release of Month of May a few months back. "France has been floating around in the Pot Plant library for a while now," the group say on the single. "It started off as an acoustic country/ballad Seb brought in to writing. It gradually morphed into a hard-hitting track completely different to how it originally sounded. It developed even further in the studio adding a bunch of vocal work to form what it is now."

It arrives alongside an official video clip directed by Tim Elphick, which takes the group to a notorious icon of Perth's northern suburbs: Rosemount Bowling Alley. "The music video was a product of having as much fun as possible," the group continue. "The team over at Rosemount Bowling alley kindly let us run a muck in their space. We got our friends Tom, Toby, Callan and Lauren involved as the other team and told them to ‘look they hate us over a bowling match’. Tim Elphick took on the enormous job to capture and direct the whole thing himself, and he killed it!"

It's a really fun time that matches the energy of the song perfectly, so take a dive into it as it premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release this Friday, and stay tuned to see what Pot Plant House Party have incoming throughout the rest of the year.

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