SUPEREGO, Teischa, Noah Dillon + more: Covering a stacked week for WA music

SUPEREGO, Teischa, Noah Dillon + more: Covering a stacked week for WA music

Plus, get around new songs from Elli Schoen and Pot Plant House Party.

The past couple of weeks in music have been massive, especially with the likes of megastars Lizzo, Liam Gallagher, Stormzy and Lewis Capaldi (to name a few) hitting the stage at Glastonbury just recently. We’ve also had new music from Mark Ronson and Hayden James and welcomed a new sound from The Wombats’ frontman Matt ‘Murph’ Murphy with his collaborative solo project Love, Fame, Tragedy, plus the standard affair of single after single, album after album. But however much we love to explore these new tracks, its also just as important to showcase the homegrown talents coming out of our own backyard. The West Australian music scene has well and truly been shining in a lane of its own and its time we shed some light on the talented artists, making their name in and around Perth. Take a look at a few artists we are loving at the moment that are creating sounds that are cleverly defining WA’s music scene.


Reminding listeners of their place and ambitiously keeping up the label of one of the state’s best, it’s safe to say that Fremantle band SUPEREGO have been busy. They just finished up the single launch of their latest track, Caller ID, at the Rosemount Hotel and are getting ready to headline The Aardvark Bar’s 1st birthday celebrations this Sunday with a bunch of other local heavyweights making their way up the scene. Known for consistently being forward-thinking and carving a new path in our local hip-hop scene, SUPEREGO are a group emersed in the world of hip-hop but mixing it up with their own electronic style, setting themselves apart in the process. Caller ID takes full control of this style with a bassy hip-hop beat, driven by underlying synths and decorated with hushed semi-rapped vocals. The track addresses heavy feelings and projects them well with the band going on to say that it “speaks to the inner turmoil we face when dealing with feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and self-loathing; the results of the dichotomy between the masks we wear, so as not to burden those around us, and our own internal grief.” There is a haziness that can be felt about the song and the lyrics are gritty and full of emotion; something the band is exceptionally good at and has become highly regarded for.

Teischa - hotel pool

An emotional, new single gives a much more vulnerable insight into the mesmerizing sounds of that subtle popstar that is Perth’s Teischa. Teischa has become known for her stylish, yet soulful alt-pop tracks that showcase the combination of her powerful vocals and upbeat productions. Described by Clash Magazine as a ‘glamorous mesh of pop contradictions’, her brand new single hotel pool sees her dreamy voice echoing over the top of a pop-centric electronic beat that keeps the song building to something special. The song is about her first time staying in LA and how she struggled to get used to how different it is to WA, expressing “how it can allow you to feel so comfortable and at home in moments, feeling truly yourself, then so out of place, vulnerable and alone the next minute.” As a young artist, she is taking listeners on a journey of what it feels like to be her - an innocent soul that grew up in semi-isolated places. Her music has a way of expressing her own perspective to the world in a genuinely raw way. Her sound is something quite organic and is beautiful to listen to. Check out hotel pool below and see what we mean.

Noah Dillon - Don't Act Like You Know Me

Singer-songwriter Noah Dillon is another artist that is showcasing the talents coming out of Western Australia today. His music combines the characteristics of typical indie rock music with heavy guitar riffs and raw, emotionally empowered lyrical stylings and has already had a busy front end of 2019, packed with touring and releasing songs whilst being nominated for WAM Song of the Year award with his track You Did It To Yourself. Following up from this track and his recent release Holding On is his brand new single, Don’t Act Like You Know Me, a song that fully explores what Dillon and his four-piece band are made of. Listening to the song gives an insight into how relatable his writing truly is and how easily he taps into the faults of human nature, expressing that the song is about miscommunication and making incorrect assumptions of somebody, saying “no one really knows what the people around them are going through and the superficial nature of interactions can make it hard to grasp who people really are and how they’ve changed”. Recorded in Fremantle and already having a tonne of airplay on both community and national radio stations, Noah Dillon is definitely making his way as a lyrically mature and ambitious singer-songwriter. Tickets for the Don’t Act Like You Know Me single launch at Mojos in Fremantle are out now.

Pot Plant House Party - Orbit

Pot Plant House Party are a highly energetic rock band ready to take listeners for a spin with their brand new track Orbit, a track that will have you visualizing just how much potential the song has to get a live audience going. It features your typical elements of rock music, with distorted lead and rhythm guitars, standout guitar melodies and an easy yet heavy chorus that is sure to be stuck in the heads of fans very soon. The track comes after their massively successful single Fuel Light, and if you listen close enough you may be reminded of major Aussies artists à la Tired Lion or Alex Lahey - both known for their lyric-led rock. Nevertheless, the band are paving their own way and are sure to keep the same strength and energy as they perform this brand new single at the Indian Ocean Hotel in Scarborough. They’ll be celebrating the release of Orbit and cementing their name in place as one of WA’s powerful indie-grunge rock bands on the scene at the moment. Take a listen to Orbit below and try not to headbang along.

Elli Schoen - Baby Face

Most artists tend to call upon past experiences or situations they have been faced with as inspiration to create music and write meaningful lyrics, but for this young Fremantle artist, it was so much more than that. For Elli Schoen, it was the near-death experience she fell into that influenced and allowed her latest track Baby Face to become a special insight into the musician she is. Growing talent Elli Schoen found herself in a hospital bed on New Year’s Day blessed and thankful she was still breathing after blacking out the previous night in the ocean. it was a traumatic, yet moving moment for Schoen who then used this scary experience as a catalyst for what would become a powerful song that showcases just how talented she is. Baby Face is a strong, heavy indie-pop anthem to the people around her and the person she once was, as she explains: "This song is actually me singing to myself in my early 20s, telling me to slow down and take it all in. I felt like I was such a baby then and I’ve learnt so much.” She’s been working on her sound with the likes of Matt Gio, the producer behind tracks that have helped Troye Sivan and Birds of Tokyo, and is finally becoming the artist she has aspired to always be. Catch her launch the singe on the 3rd of August at Mojo’s Bar in Fremantle.

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