Premiere: Pot Plant House Party end off the month with new track, Month of May

Premiere: Pot Plant House Party end off the month with new track, Month of May

The Perth-based outfit also announce a bit of an internal lineup shake-up, with bassist Matthew Templeman joining the mix.

Perth indie-rock outfit Pot Plant House Party are a group we've featured a couple of times over the years, and as a four-strong group sure to be in the state's musical leaders of tomorrow, it'd be dumb for us to stop shouting praise at the group anytime soon. Since initially breaking out with their 2018 self-titled debut EP, the group have become a cult-favourite of the Australian rock world and a go-to in the Perth live music realm; their guitar-wielding and often-versatile singles making them a force to watch on the live stage in a city saturated with incredible, emerging talent.

Listening to their music, it's not too hard to figure out why they're such a rising force in WA either. In everything they've put out since their synonymous EP, the group have shared a new side of themselves: Fuel Light took the group into driving alt-pop, reaching a feverish peak in its punk-y choruses; Orbit took the group to the next level with stadium-rock-worthy opening riffs and nods to influences stretching across grunge, rock and punk; and Here A While kept up the energy and pushed into the punk world, rough around the edges and a little bit jagged but in the best of ways.

In 2020, the group are shaking things up a bit. Earlier this year, they bid adieu to one of the group's members in Jono Mata, leaving the group to focus on the Sly Withers project - a group quickly becoming representative of the plethora of punk talent held within West Australia, and often left ignored by the eastern states. Then, shortly after, they announced the addition of bassist Matt Templeman, joining the group after working behind-the-scenes on the project since its inception, as both a producer and engineer.

Now, they're ready to take on the second half of the year, and Month of May is the track that's kicking it all off. It's the first taste of a forthcoming second EP expected later this year, with the group taking what we've come to love from them over the years - charging choruses, blistering guitar, nods to everything from 90s alt-rock to hard-footed punk - and filtering it through new songwriters and band members to present it as something that sounds new, also perhaps a nod to the group's continuing evolution and growth even in the space of a few months.

"Month of May touches on the feelings of getting caught up in your own thoughts, sometimes for an amount of time you lose track of. But being grateful for having that one person that brings you down to earth and takes you away from irrational times," says the group on the single, which really reaches its heights with a strong-armed riff breakdown that launches into the final chorus in the best fashion. "Written in pre-covid world, the song now has an added perspective that branches out and feels more relevant in a covid world."

We don't doubt that there'll be plenty to talk about in the Pot Plant House Party camp very soon - y'know, with a whole new EP on the way - but in the meantime, take a dive into Month of May below, as it premieres on Pilerats a day before its official release tomorrow:

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