Photo Gallery: Tyne-James Organ takes us behind the clip for Not Ready For Love

Photo Gallery: Tyne-James Organ takes us behind the clip for Not Ready For Love

The video clip to the Melbourne musician's latest single sees him head into the desert, and we take you behind-the-scenes of how it happened.

It's difficult to find a musician that has been such a brilliant get-go from the start quite like Tyne-James Organ has. After an early debut in 2016, the now-Melbourne-based musician really burst out of the gates with his debut EP Persevere last year, recapping a previous 18 months of brilliant singles that packaged together, showcase his intimate and potent songwriting in an expert way. It was a deeply personal release, diving into the depths of family and the world around him through cathartic bursts of release that positions him as a favourite amongst the next generation - something that's only grown over time.

Amongst an early start of the year full of touring (both as a solo musician and as a member of Mallrat's live show), he's doubled down on his comforting and vulnerable work with two more singles this year - Hold Me Back and Not Ready For Love. The first of the two tracks was a brilliant pick up from where the debut EP finished, but his latest single - the latter of the two tracks - has blossomed into a newfound favourite, one that feels synonymous with his craft and the peaks its beginning to form so early on in his career.

Not Ready For Love reflects on a journey for self-acceptance and confidence in a way that makes you feel like he emerged the other side victorious, following this exploration through a contrasting sound that reflects the hard process of self-love. At times, the single moves in a way that wallows in its down-temponess, moving with an almost ballad-like pace that in the song's most climactic moments, suddenly shift to a celebration - a dance for joy, whether that's because you've worked it all out, or whether you simply just want a moment of happiness amongst everything going on.

"Not Ready For Love is another boppy sop from me but this time I tried exploring it in more of a way of accepting and understanding," he says on the track. "Keeping the energy up to show hope. I find myself being able to dance and cry at the same time to this one. Love is a never ending cycle we live over and over, so part of me wanted to share the irony in that."

The single arrives with an official video that takes Tyne-James Organ away from the city, shot in Australia's deserted outback for a video directed by Simon Morehead. It's an accompanying visual that matches that journey and dives even further into the single's themes, as Tyne attempts to find solace - with himself and with the world - amongst sand-stricken surroundings. "“The clip sees me head out west on a journey into unfamiliar places," he says on the video clip.

"Whilst you’ll see some moments of reflection, I wanted to show a heap more of my personality in this one. A big part of that comes from my dancing. Other than my lyrics, my moves are the only way I can express myself in full. I wanted to take a fun and joyful approach to these situations we all find ourselves in, to show how I try to look at things, and also that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We may enter that tunnel again, but there’s always a light."

Now, we're taking you behind-the-scenes of the video's creation, with Tyne-James Organ selecting a few choice shots from the video's creation that he's talked about - giving us insight into the thinking and processes behind the clip. Take a dive into the video - and that behind-the-scenes footage - below:

Behind-the-scenes of Tyne-James Organ's video for Not Ready For Love:

tyne 1

Windsurfing the kia carnival somewhere west of Silverton, NSW.

tyne 2

Cabar Gold Mine

tyne 3

Sundown in White Cliffs, NSW. This place looked like Mars.

tyne 4

Car park shave.

tyne 5

Cleaning the carnivaaaal.

tyne 6

The final dancing scene was shot at Mundi Mundi lookout. Such a spot.

tyne 7

Quick pitstop. Somewhere.

tyne 8

Silverton was so special. Felt like a movie set everywhere. Cant wait to go back here.

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