Mosh Music: Our fave new rock, punk and hardcore tunes this week

Mosh Music: Our fave new rock, punk and hardcore tunes this week

A few tracks on the "bandier" side to help get you through the rest of the working week.

It's generally around this time of the week that we start to hit a wall, when those thoughts about calling in sick for work creep into our heads far more often than they probably should and our caffeine intake rises to dangerous levels. We get it, since Monday you've had one eye on the weekend and you're still only halfway there, another three days remain to painfully navigate and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it except to keep dragging yourself out of bed each morning. Thankfully, we've put together a list of the best new guitar-driven music you can wrap your ears around, from rock 'n' roll and grunge all the way through to hardcore and metal. Hopefully it's enough to help pull your mopey ass through Hump Day and the rest of the week.


Molly (pictured top) - Bagu Bagu

The latest signee to Dune Rats' label Ratbag Records, Molly are a sick punk trio from Denmark. Dune Rats met the fellas from Copenhagen while on tour in Europe last year, in a characteristically farfetched, 'Dune Rats-y' turn of events: "These three guys in the corner we assumed were the opener offered to take us into Christiania, the drug district (literally), to score some weed. The night started and finished with partying above the venue, and in the morning some of these dudes were still there drinking. We asked them if they'd come to Sweden in the van for one show and no money - they said yes, and that's the first time we met Molly.” Bagu Bagu is the first single from Molly's self-titled LP, due out September 16, and it's a punk charger; powered by frenetic drumming, thick distortion and grungey, almost shoegaze, style vocals. With a diverse range of influences from the '80s and '90s post-rock/punk scene helping to shape the three-piece's sound, I'm really excited to hear what else Molly will be dishing up on the LP.

Clowns - Destroy The Evidence

It's been rumoured that listening to one Clowns tune played at high volume is equal to drinking seven cups of excessively strong coffee, so the four-piece's new banger Destroy The Evidence is definitely something you need in your life this Hump Day. Far and away one of Australia's hardest working bands, the Melbourne hardcore-punks are back with a ripping new single following the release of their huge second full-length, Bad Blood, last year. I'd say Destroy The Evidence is a pretty appropriate title for a Clowns tune, given that the quartet are as famous for their all-out approach to partying as they are for their mental live shows and seemingly never-ending tour schedule. Destroy The Evidence is a fast-paced, bright and upbeat piece of skate-punk, and it's definitely the kind of track you'll want blasting in your eardrums when you're feeling a little sluggish and in need of a pick-me-up.

Raised As Wolves - Sometimes/I Criticise

If you get around Dookie/Nimrod era Green Day or Enema Of The State era blink-182; Raised As Wolves are going to be right up your alley. These Sydney punks offer up plenty of those hooky, mid 90's pop-punk vibes, but there's also a much heavier edge that shines through with some of their guitar work and during 'breakdowny' moments - so there's something here for all heavy music fans. Raised As Wolves have supported the likes of Frenzal Rhomb, Clowns and Columbus in recent times, and you can hear elements of all three of those killer acts coming through in the Wollongong up and comers' sound. Sometimes and I Criticise come from Raised As Wolves' new EP Phonebook For Hokkaido, which the trio will be touring around the east coast this September.

Joyce Manor - Fake I.D.

The highly anticipated follow up to 2014's Never Hungover Again; Joyce Manor's new record Cody is sure to be another melody-fuelled masterpiece if first cut Fake I.D. is anything to go by. While Joyce Manor recorded Never Hungover Again in a super impressive ten days, the Californian quartet decided to take advantage of studio time to expand on their sound for Cody, spending two months recording with producer Rob Schnapf - who's worked with the likes of legendary punk acts Saves The Day and Rancid. Fake I.D. is driven by intricate drum patterns, playful riffs and clever, emotion-fuelled lyricism- all of the elements that have made Joyce Manor one of the very best punk bands of the last five or six years. Cody is due out October 7 through Epitaph.

West Thebarton Brothel Party - Dolewave

Taken from the Adelaide septet's forthcoming double-a side 7", out on September 2, Dolewave is a fuzz-laden anthem for the ever-struggling musician trying to make an honest buck. Dolewave was written about the label that's often branded on emerging bands trying to get by on very little, which frontman Ray Dalfsen explains is a reductive generalisation towards emerging musicians: "I've lived on the dole before, and it's not glamorous, but some people on the outside tend to think that it’s really romantic, carefree…This song comes from being frustrated by that lifestyle, and from being uncomfortable with a label that attempts to lump the diversity of all the bands living like that into one ‘scene’." Dolewave is the distortion-fuelled ruckus of a pissed off seven-piece that's sure to get crowds firing when West Thebarton Brothel Party hit stages for their Four More Years Tour in September and October.

Got a tune worthy of helping us get over the Wednesday grind? Send me an EMAIL about it.

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