Listen: Salem Ilese - Unsponsored Content

Listen: Salem Ilese - Unsponsored Content

The young singer-songwriter takes us to some real and relatable places, utilising brand names as a vessel in her latest EP.

We got to know the dreamy stylings of Salem Ilese last year, when the young songwriter was turning her dreams of becoming a pop star into a reality with the release of her second EP, (L)only Child. Continuing to project her voice across popular music as a sought-after guest, collaborator and songwriter, Salem releases her latest highly anticipated EP Unsponsored Content, a collection of songs that cleverly utilises brand names as storytelling devices for everyday situations and circumstances. 

The EP opens with an explosive pop tune Ben & Jerry, a track that leans into rock tendencies with booming snare hits and roaring electric guitars, the first line “the only guys that treat me right are Ben & Jerry” setting the mood for the next two-and-a-half minutes of witty and thoughtful wordplay. Track two PS5 (with TOMORROW X TOGETHER & Alan Walker) and three Jake from State Farm follow on with utilising the songs theme/name as a vessel for unpacking complex relationships and their breakdowns, set to big, powerful, and emotion filled pop anthem backings, sweetened by Salem’s sweet and melodic voice. 

Hey Siri is when the release strips back to a tender place, with acoustic guitars and angelic harmonies lifting the track to a warm but fragile place. The pop ballad starts out sweet tender, asking relatable questions like “hey Siri can you teach me how to cook an apple pie?” and building to a deeper place of existential contemplation (that is still very relatable) with the infectious hook “hey Siri what’s the meaning of life?”

Track five is the young sensations breakout single from August 2020, and her first release through her record deal with 10K Projects/Homemade Projects - Mad At Disney, a tune that gained viral momentum with over 1.7 billion global streams and the creation of over 3.2M TikTok videos, all while holding placement on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist for 15+ weeks. Closing the EP is Coke & Mentos, another single that originally entered the world in 2020, but seamlessly fits into the EP’s theme - using the chemical reaction of the two products as a metaphor lyrically “when we touch it’s Coke & Mentos”, and musically as the song builds to an explosively catchy chorus.  

Out now, experience the cleverly written and beautifully produced work of Salem Ilese in Unsponsored Content below.  

Salem Ilese’s latest EP Unsponsored Content is out now via 10K Projects/Homemade Projects.

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