R.W. Grace's UK Tour Diary

R.W. Grace's UK Tour Diary

Some happy snaps from her recent trip in the UK.

Recently celebrating the release of her new EP Love It Need It Miss It Want It, songstress R.W. Grace went for a jaunt over in the UK to play some shows with Matt Corby. While she was there she took a whole bunch of happy snaps, which she's very kindly sent to us with some annotations below. Check 'em out while streaming one of the EP's singles, #5 feat. Matt Corby:


The first thing that hit me upon arrival in the UK was the fresh, biting cool air. The environment felt so foreign and I didn't realise how much I needed it. It's astounding how a change of scenery and the feeling of anonymity can revive you.

RW Grace 01

Wet winter's morning in London heading out for caffeine.

RW Grace 02

Blurry eyed and scrambling for clean clothes amongst a dark clash of suitcases, we'd scurry into the venues as soon as they would let us in. After living in a bus, we'd need to shower before we did anything. Those showers were life altering. Breakfasts were always huge, warm and comforting. This was mostly to compensate for the cold but I remember a waiter looking at me in absolute horror after ordering a bowl of granola one particular morning..

RW Grace 03

Early lunch (second breakfast) in Brighton.

RW Grace 04

Coffee bringing us back.

RW Grace 05

After breakfast and shaking the night off, I'd go for a long walk around the neighbourhood's we were playing. I love watching people and taking in a new environment listening to music with my headphones. One thing that astonished me was how intense the greens of the grass, trees and shrubs were amongst the grey skies.

RW Grace 06

RW Grace 07

RW Grace 08

RW Grace 09

I pondered over the incredible sense of renewal that overcame me as we woke up every morning in a new city. No matter what happened the day before, you could wipe it all away and start again. There was no dwelling on a previous experience, good or bad. Each day was totally fresh and unknown. It was really exciting to live like that. Like there was almost no time for memories, just the present.

RW Grace 10

Pre-show naps were a regular occurrence.

RW Grace 11

Sometimes it's hard to relax on show days because I find my whole being needs to focus and prepare for the 30 minutes I am there for but being around such a fun group of people really helps. Matt and his band were angels to me. I was essentially on my own playing these shows solo but it rarely felt like that because I had them supporting and encouraging me the whole way. All the inside jokes, abundance of nicknames and mutual appreciation of gin really solidified the kinship. I feel very lucky to call them my friends.

RW Grace 12

Group warm up before the first show in Birmingham.

RW Grace 13

Manchester breakfast, post shower.

RW Grace 14

So many activities. Day off in Worcester.

RW Grace 15

Mikey dominated.

RW Grace 16

RW Grace 17


RW Grace 18

This tour made me fall in love with my guitar again. I hadn't played it properly for years but it was incredible how quickly it came back to me. I delighted in how I could feel it's vibrations buzzing through my chest. It felt like we were in a dance. Each show the bond grew tighter.

RW Grace 19

RW Grace 20

Having never played in the UK before, I had no idea what to expect from these shows but I was amazed at how welcoming the crowds were. I'm itching to go back already. I'm so thankful for the experience and everyone involved.

RW Grace 21


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