Focus: The Death of Youth

Focus: The Death of Youth

Sometimes we think we have really super awesome jobs... then someone like Giovanni pops up and we don't feel so solid anymore. We had a chat to him about his project and got an insight into how he manages to get through each day...

With a trail of failed relationships behind him and a thirtieth birthday bearing down ominously, Giovanni Lipari decided it was time to become a womaniser. Soon realising that being smooth with women and good looking were womanising prerequisites that he didn’t fulfil, he needed a backup plan. His photo project, ‘The Death of Youth’ is Giovanni’s way of dealing with that failed attempt. A genius mode of catharsis involving Lipari photographing beautiful women in a style falling somewhere between art and erotica. We check in to see how he’s coping.


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What did you do with your spare time before you started the Death of Youth project?

To be honest, I did not have much free time before starting the Death of Youth project. I was working a lot and did not have time or the resources to tackle a series of this magnitude. I did, however, take pictures for fun in my spare time, but the subject matter was very unfocused.


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What does your standard week consist of these days? Do you do any work other than photography?

I never have a standard week. My life has been very hectic for the last year and I have spent the majority of my time traveling outside of the country. Also, I don’t really take many pictures anymore. I know this may seem surprising since I release new photos daily on my blog, but the truth is, I finished photographing this series about a year ago. I do not work professionally as a photographer, so I rarely have the opportunity to take photos. Additionally, I have been working on a feature length documentary for the last two years, which has taken up the majority of my spare time from my traditional work as a commercial director. I am currently entering the “post-production” phase of the documentary and I am certain most of my days will be spent working on this film. However, I do have some new ideas for future photo projects in the make for next year.


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