148Club by Jack Bleasdale

148Club by Jack Bleasdale

The final images to come from photographer Jack Bleasdale's documentation of Brunswick house 148Club...

148Club, a house in Melbourne, Brunswick that has housed countless legends for the past three years came to an end on the 21/08/2014. What went down in that house for the past three years will go down in folklore in years to come. It has been photographer Jack Bleasdale's main documentation for those three years and these are the final images to ever come from the house. RIP 148club, you will be missed by hundreds and never forgotten. 

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 5

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 4

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 6

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 7

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 1

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 10

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 2

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 3

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 8

jack bleasdale zeaz 148 9

Take a further look into the past 3 years here: http://jackbleasdale.tumblr.com/tagged/148club

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