Monster Children Photo Comp 2014

Monster Children Photo Comp 2014

The fourth annual photo comp has commenced.

True story: One year I entered the Monster Children Photo Competition with an arty-as-shit black-and-white nude photo of my girlfriend. I was pretty chuffed with it, and apparently they were chuffed with it enough that it got through to the second round, I think. I even got invited to go over east to the competition awards night. Long story short I couldn't afford to go over, didn't win anything, a whole bunch of people I don't know have now seen my girlfriend's boobs, and I haven't touched a camera since. Okay that last bit's kinda true. I stopped taking photos because I got bored of it and realised I have zero eye for what makes a good photo, not because I didn't win this Monster Children Photo Competiton.

But you could win the Monster Children Photo Competition in 2014 if you're good enough. It's pretty simple, just head to the MC website HERE and submit your entries in one of the following categories:

• Travel sponsored by Corona Extra

• Music sponsored by Levi's®

• Girls sponsored by D’Blanc

• Action sponsored by Leica

• Lifestyle sponsored by Bulleit Bourbon

• Student sponsored by Monster Children

monsterchildrengirlsGirls 2013 Finalist by Cloudy Rhodes

And what do you win?

The winner in each of the first five categories will take home $5,000 in cold hard cash. The winner of the student category will NOT receive $5,000, but will be awarded a prize pack put together by the event sponsors, as well as a lifetime subscription to Monster Children. You may enter your work in as many categories as you like and as many times as you like. So get snapping, entries close September 18.

Header photo MC Photo Annual '14 Entry by Hayden O'Neill

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