Willow Beats - Perth Ticket Giveaway

Willow Beats - Perth Ticket Giveaway

Win a soul-stirring Willow Beats experience in Perth.

 There's a tonne of events happening this December in Perth. If you're feeling overwhelmed by how all the parties and gigs are ramping up, and feeling indecisive as to what exactly is worth your social time and money then hey, we'll make it easy for you. Go to Willow Beats next week at the Astor Theatre next Thursday. Essential.

Why? Because seeing an act play a proper headline gig at a proper venue, where they'll play a full set with heaps of added extras, and you have room to dance and meditate on sound, is about 100x better than seeing them play a rushed 'best of' at a crowded music festival with rubbish sound. Also, as far as venues go, a historic art-deco theatre built in the 1920s, is pretty shit-hot place to experience a gig. And lastly (most importantly) Willow Beats are positively peaking right now, entering into the tail-end of a huge year of live shows - all of which you could say have been leading up to this Water EP tour - so you know you'll be getting the most refined, very best of the 'Beats (different from a 'best of', keep up!). 

willow beats kalyani

In comparison to last year’s Alchemy; their recent EP (which you can get here, and which this tour is in celebration of) shows a huge evolution of Willow Beats’ sound as an act. Not only did it debut at #1 on the Australian electronic iTunes chart, it’s charted itself a place in Australian music lovers’ hearts. Water showcases Narayana’s imaginative and emotive work; the young producer successfully pulls off a suite of samples that’s a Piscean’s paradise - drips, trickles, lapping waves and gushing waterfalls. His compositions have that unique trait evident in artists Purity Ring, or Mount Kimbie, where they create ambience without losing energy, moving from heavier, glitch dubstep to cruisy trip hop and back again. Kalyani writes the lyrics, sings them, and plays keys, dreaming up the majority of the bases for the duo’s songs from her piano lines, that Narayana later works his beats and synths into.

Reflecting all the above rather nicely is their recent Mix-Up for Lewis McKirdy on triple j; take a listen below, cheeky chops Allday even jumps in on one of the tracks:

The atmospherics translate perfectly to their live show, where hype up the album versions of new tracks and old: Narayana triggers loops, and throws effects on them, glitching up Kalyani’s live vocals, while the duo jump with the energy levels of punk musicians, thwacking drum pads and the like, while Kalyani throws out hypnotising stage moves. The humanness of their music shines through, as they let loose musically and physically, truly driven by their own innate impulses as artists.

It’s pretty sensational.

willow beats narayana

We have a double pass up for grabs for one lucky Pilerats reader to have a soul-stirring Willow Beats experience (with added heart power from local Savoir babe Mei Saraswati) at the Astor Theatre when they come to Perth on December 13. To enter, email info@pilerats.com with subject 'Willow Beats have all I’ll ever need' and we’ll draw the winners at 5pm next Monday. If you’re not the lucky type, eliminate the anxiety, and just buy a ticket HERE right now. What the heck, get into the giving Christmas spirit a wee bit early and buy a ticket for your mate too. It’s no fun going to a concert alone, and if there’s one thing you can buy, it’s friendship via tickets to cool gigs.

Watch the video for Merewif here:

Here's a chat we had with Kalyani and Narayana a year ago now. Memories!



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