New Music: Spirit Faces - Cloudplay (Feat. BUOY)

New Music: Spirit Faces - Cloudplay (Feat. BUOY)

Warm bass lines and skittering drums make Spirit Faces newest single, Cloudplay a refreshing track.

We've been big of Spirit Faces since he dropped Hold It Down (Which you can listen to HERE) and then we were lucky enough to premiere Anatole's darker, almost James-blakesque remix of Hold It Down. Spirit Faces has released another single from his upcoming EP, Bedroom Music, and it's titled Cloudplay. Cloudplay varies from Hold It Down, being a more uptempo, frenzied track when compared to Hold It Down's emotive piano bed. Indeed, there's a sense of rush throughout the track with the skittering filled drums, the warm bass lines and the tender vocals of of BUOY:

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