Video: Thelma Plum - Young In Love (Live Recording)

Video: Thelma Plum - Young In Love (Live Recording)

Prepare to have your heart stolen by Brisbane singer/songwriter Thelma Plum.

We've had a busy few weeks Thelma Plum-related at Pilerats. Celebrating the release of her new EP Monsters, we've seen a beautiful video clip for the lead single Young In Love (HERE), along with a couple of killer remixes - one from up-and-coming producer Dugong Jr (HERE), and the second an absolute future-beast from old-hat ShockOne (HERE). While she was in town on her just-wrapped-up Monsters tour, we took Thelma up to our new favourite place to hang, and one of this city's biggest penthouse apartments, to film an intimate live recording of the above-mentioned Young In Love. To the surprise of no one, the results are incredibly beautiful/10. If your heart doesn't melt while you watch this then you need to stop going to two-day music festivals, 'cause you've got no #feels left to give.

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