New Music: Demo Taped - I Luv U

New Music: Demo Taped - I Luv U

Demo Taped’s single I Luv U channels some serious Hayden James vibes.

The off-kilter synths are what reels you in. And as they gradually submerges you, you can’t help but notice that something is familiar. You’ve felt that slow-body grinding mood before… And then you realise it reminds you of Hayden James’ breakout single, Permission To Love. And as you listen to it you can hear the same gossamer vocals that I Luv U also has. But you know what? Sometimes you’ve just got to drop the pretentious ‘Oh they sound like X’ you adopt when you’re trying to impress that person you’ve got the hots for or when you’re one-upping your mates and just embrace a damn good song when you hear it. And that’s Demo Taped’s I Luv U, filled with some of the more interesting production sounds we've heard in a while.

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