10 Essential Tour Songs With Julia Stone

10 Essential Tour Songs With Julia Stone

Julia Stone gives us the soundtrack to the duo's tour life.

Following a series of intimate shows earlier this year, Angus & Julia Stone are getting back to the bigger venues February next year for a massive Australian tour. A tour that will no doubt see plenty of down time between shows, on the road, with nothin' to do but listen to music. So we thought we'd ask Julia what tunes get her through those down times, and she provided us with a list of music that we reckon will probably go down pretty smooth any time:

1. The Roots - Right On feat. Joanna Newsom

I love running to this song. I try to go running a few times a week and this always kicks it off. Such a good pump up.

2. Beck - Blue Moon

This is my alarm clock song. Waking up can be rough after late shows, and this makes the mornings a little easier. Or harder because you just want to stay asleep and listen to the song in your dreams. 

3. Beth Orton - Central Reservation

I like something about the lyrics in this song. Somehow that we can shape our experiences however we want to. I like that. Because we’re always carrying our past around with us and every day on the road (and off the road) you can accept what’s happening or fight it. Beth Orton is a great songwriter. She captures those emotional intricacies really well. 

4. Kishi Bashi - Manchester

I’ve been walking around on this tour and listening to this song. "I haven’t felt this alive in a long time" - I love the melody when he sings this. It’s lyrically and melodically so uplifting and makes all these amazing places, that much more amazing.

5. Sharon Van Etton - I Wish I Knew

I relate to this a lot. There’s always the sense that I don’t know what I’m doing. I know I have to be doing it but I don’t know why. I can hear myself in this song and there’s a peace in that.

6. Sylvan Esso - Coffee

This song never gets old to me. A song that sounds to me exactly like summer - cute and sexy, electronic and natural, artful and direct. I love a song that sounds modern and classic, with abstract poetic verses and a catchy-as-fuck chorus. Everyone within earshot has to sing along to. A perfect song to get up AND get down to with a special someone or special everyone. And the quote of "hanky panky" is perfect.

7. Cloud Control - Happy Birthday

I love the chorus of this song. It’s uplifting but the lyrics aren’t easy. I’m also really enjoying the middle section where they break down and you can hear everyone at the birthday talking. The voices remind me of home.

8. Tom Freund - Collapsible Plans

This song is important because sometimes I start to imagine how great it will be when we get to this place or that place, see this person or that person. It takes me out of the moment and I guess makes me feel a little dissatisfied. The song is about the words John Lennon said: "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." It’s an important thing to remember. So you don’t miss out on life happening.

8. Bonobo - Emkay

A good song to just get lost in. 

9. Alt J - Lovely Day

I love the orginal by Bill Withers, but when I heard this the other day it really made my walk special. I was in a park in Madrid called Parque Beun Retiro (good retirement park I think) and it was such a lovely day. A wandering bear (costumed bear) was walking past selling roses and I was smiling at him as the song played in my ears. He turned around and did a little jig on the spot and then just stood there as I walked away. I kept looking back to see if he was still there... And he was still there, his big eyes and orange costume gleaming with its fixed and animated smile. I was giggling for a while after that. 

10. Agnes Obel - Falling, Catching

This is an extremely moving piece of piano music that I have recently formed a deep attachment to. It’s very beautiful and makes me feel as though time stands still.

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