Pilerats' 10 Days Of Christmas #4

Pilerats' 10 Days Of Christmas #4

Be one of the first people in the world to own a piece of Pilerats 2015 Merch.

We're feeling a bit, um, "Christmassy" so we've taken it upon ourselves to launch the inaugural Pilerats' 10 Days Of X-Mas - a different giveaway will be up for grabs each day leading up to December 25.

Yes, we're aware it's supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas. But there's a limit to how much we can suck up to people for free stuff ;)

An important part of any successful branding enterprise is how strong ya merch game is. We kicked things off with a bang (a Unicorn with a penis for a horn anyone?), and are now very excited to launch a new range of Pilerats Merchandise. It's been a long time in the works, and we're frothing to see it on the bodies of people around the world. Nothing makes us happier than seeing other people repping the 'Rats, and by winning this competition you'll be one of the first in the world to be able to do so:


The winner's Merch Pack will contain:

- 1x Pilerats T-Shirt

- 1x Pilerats Tote Bag

- Fucking heaps x Pilerats Stickers

- 1x Double Pass to Pilerats XMAS Party feat. Lido, Sophie, QT, Nadus & Sable:

pilerats xmas set times

To win a Pilerats Merch pack, email info@pilerats.com with the subject: 'RATS MERCH COMP' and your full name/address.

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