New Music: Aywy. - Opiate

New Music: Aywy. - Opiate

Underground beat-maker Aywy. is going to make some serious noise in 2015.

The ‘Australian’ sound is synonymous with party-ready trap or bass music, dudes sponsored by Adidas and girls wearing long tees with knee-length socks. And with all the hype around it the wider music community can often miss out on the diverse electronic cuts that appear within Australia. Aywy (pronounced ay) is part of such a scene with his label Flow-Fi that both embraces and pushes beyond traditional trap and bass. His latest track, Opiate, strings together field recordings with samples of Roy Orbinson’s You Got It and The Notorious B.I.G.’s Suicidal Thoughts against a hip-hop styled beat. In doing so Opiate becomes more than just tasty trap morsel and cuts through to the listener.

And if you’re wondering what that beautiful vocal slice is at the end of Opiate it’s the intro into Aywy’s previous track Voyeur, a deep house beauty. And what’s more Opiate is only a demo from an album titled Persona that Aywy plans to release in June 2015.


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