Cory Blake - The Missing Green Tile EP

Cory Blake - The Missing Green Tile EP

Sydney young gun Cory Blake has brought out a new, free, and massive EP.

Cory Blake has been DJing since 2010 and has just released his first EP, mastered by Sydney artist Hatch. The Sydney local has crafted a superb 8-track EP called The Missing Green Tile, which can check out below. It's an incredibly diverse take on bass music in all kinds of forms, and to put it bluntly, a damn impressive first release. Blake told us: "The EP is a little bit of everything, I wanted to make tunes that will hold up in the club, but you can still put 'em on and jam in the car on your way out. I've attempted to make it original, I figure if I can make something that I really dig there's got to be other people that will feel it too whether it sounds like whats popular or not. I tried to create a coherence of style throughout the EP without being too repetitive. Tracks like Nightmare, Bantics and Snow Dropper were definitely designed with a club atmosphere in mind, where as Blue Suits, Loafers and 6 Million are more sort of funky sounds I like to dance to." So we do Cory, so do we.


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