Giraffage - 'No Reason' EP + Australian Tour

Giraffage - 'No Reason' EP + Australian Tour

We're still mad about Giraffage. He christens his new EP on Australian shores this week.

Bay Area boy Giraffage will always hold a special place in our hearts for being the only artist we know to remix R & B hero The Dream's release, Love/Hate, in its entirety, earlier this year. He could have just stopped at Shawty is Da Shit but he went the full fanboy, adding his futurist flavour to Falsetto, I Luv Your Girl and Purple Kisses too, and in the process creating a re-vamped release of house-y jams and downbeat R & B. A tribute that was even sexier than the original, if its even possible to out-sexy the Love King himself? 

Our love for Giraffage goes back to before The-Dream do-over though, back to when he came to our music festival, CIRCO, and slung us a smooth set of syrupy hood, windows-down-cruising-in-the-Benz vibes late in the afternoon. Back to when he made the ultimate chilly, jittery, dream-pop track with XXYYXX. Back to when he made a mix that started with Deejay Earl (another CIRCO star) and ended with Lincoln Park. Back to when he wanted to Undress us.

And now there's a new EP out, No Reason, on Fool's Gold Records (A-Trak's label), and we're crushing on Charlie Yin all over again. A highlight comes by way of lead single Tell Mea track boasting classic Giraffage deep, chopped-up vocals, and a stripped-back, seductive breakdown - a love ballad for the Tumblr generation if ever there was one. Also strong: the groove-laden Be with You, and the punchy, pleasantly cartoonish track Chocolate, a track that, according to Giraffage, contains frequencies only dogs can hear: “I have a little brown Chihuahua at home named Chocolate. This song is how I imagine he sees the world." You won't find any bangers on No Reason, but you will find a coherent set of songs that stream into each other seamlessly, making for a blissful overall listen.

G-Dawgie is back in our country, and in our city (!), playing tonight at Gilkisons, then heading off for a stint at Outside In Festival, and a few more dates on the east coast. If you've got someone you like to chill with who wants to Take U To Da Movies tonight, ask them to Take U to Gilkisons tonight for maximum chillwave times instead, okay? Okay.


Fri Nov 21 - I.C.S.S.C. pres Giraffage (with Akila, Sleepyhead, Clunk) at Gilkisons, 45 Murray St, Perth, tickets HERE.

Thu Nov 27 - Novel presents Giraffage (with Kirkis), Howler Bar, 11 Dawson St, Melbourne, tickets HERE.

Fri Nov 28 - Mutual Friends present Giraffage, The TBC Club, Fortitude Valley, tickets HERE.

Sat Nov 29 - OutsideIn Festival, Manning Bar, University of Sydney, tickets HERE.

Stream No Reason below:

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