Interview - Basenji

Interview - Basenji

We got our kawaii bass on with Circo's finest.

With CIRCO Festival right around the corner (it's tomorrow!) we thought it was high time that everyone got to know the new-wave electronic maestro that is Basenji, or Sebastian Carlos as he is known to his friends. And with his friends including Wave Racer, our own Sable and Cosmo's Midnight it's hard not to get excited about the potential. With that in mind Liam Apter shot off a few questions to Sebastian in which they discussed his side-project with Wave Racer, signing to Future Classic, the poor quality sound systems of many venues and he may have hinted at possible collaboration with the aforementioned furry fiend Sable?

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Can you explain to me how Basenji formed?

"Basenji" to me is a very specific project with a clearly defined sound or style. I'm not sure how it came into existence but it is definitely a product of a lot of the music I was interested in at the time.

Were you involved in any other projects before Basenji?

Yes! Pablo J & The Lobsterettes with the amazing Wave Racer :3

You've also said that you're good friends with Tom from Wave Racer and Cosmo and Patrick from Cosmo's Midnight. How do you know them?

I met Wave Racer in my first year of high school and have been friends with him ever since. I met Cosmo and Patrick in the middle of my university degree and we quickly hit it off! Amazing guys and maybe Australia's best producers! <3 

You also played at the Boiler Room show in Sydney, how was that?

It was a bit surreal because it felt like it came out of nowhere. I loved doing it but I think if I did it again things would be very different.

And you've also signed a deal with Future Classic, could you tell me about it and why you signed with Future Classic?

I love Future Classic, they are probably my favourite Australian label so it made perfect sense to sign with them! It is super exciting to be part of their team and it will means lots of new music in 2014/2015.

Furthermore, over the past eight months it is fair to say you've quickly blow up. Why do you think this is?

Wow I didn't even realise it had been 8 months already haha. Everything has happened so fast and I'm really looking forward to everything the future has to offer. I think part of the reason it has all happened so fast is because I have an amazing management (Astral People), a super booking agent (Maker) and a great label (Future Classic). ^.^

And why do you make this particular type of music? Is it a reaction to other sounds coming out of the electronic music scene?

The music I am making is a total departure from what Wave Racer and I were making as Pablo J & The Lobsterettes. It is 100% correct to say that my work is a reaction to other artists working in the electronic music scene. I feel like a lot of my music influences are super obvious and a lot of my music draws inspiration fro specific artists. I'm not sure why I make what I make, I've never really thought about that in depth. I just know that I will keep making music and drawing inspiration from absolutely anywhere. 

You also have an EP in the works, can you tell me about it?

I have been working on this EP for some time and I think it will be about 4/5 tracks long. I am trying to make the release quite dynamic because I don't really want to make an EP that feels like five versions of the same track. There will be some club appropriate tracks but also some more downtempo works. I am very nervous about it!

You've also stated that many live venues have poor sound systems despite having international acts coming through. Can you expand on this?

There are some amazing venues in Sydney but at the same time there are some places that just let down the artists. It's just funny to consider the lengths some people go to to bring out an international artist for example, but don’t put an equal amount of effort into the sound system. I think as the Australian dance music scene changes people will begin to take things like this a lot more seriously.  

Are there any upcoming Australian acts that we should be aware of? 

Ara Koufax 


K Trax

Club Esc 

What can we expect at your upcoming Circo festival set?

I think I’ll be playing a lot of different stuff through out my set. I don’t really like to stick to one specific style, so I have a bit of room to work with. I will definitely be playing some exclusive tracks and some rare stuff off my new EP.

Can we expect you to do anything with Sable?

I have two extra days in Perth. We will see what happens ;)

Any tours planned for the coming year?

There should be a national tour with the release of the EP in October. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

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