Goldroom - Till Sunrise feat. Mammals (Premix)

Goldroom - Till Sunrise feat. Mammals (Premix)

Goldroom wants you to remix his new track before it's even released.

And now for a remix competition with a difference - LA-based producer Goldroom (he of Embrace fame) has announced the August 11 release of his new single, Till Sunrise feat. Mammals, by releasing a "premix". He can explain a little better: "The Premix is an experiment. Remixes are a big part of the creative world I live in... One thing that I've struggled with, though, is that when crafting a remix, you're bound in one way or another by the original track. Inevitably the song, its arrangement, and its instrumentation influence the remix. What I'm interested in here is seeing what happens when people remix a song without having actually heard that song."

With that in mind, he's released the vocal stem for the track (listen below), and is inviting people to put their own spin on the track just using the vocals, before even hearing Goldroom's own take on it. It's a pretty interesting concept, and he (along with ourselves and we're sure many others) is looking forward to what comes out of it: "I want to hear the results! Be sure to send them my way. Just tag your work with #thepremix and I'll post anything cool that comes my way. I'm sure I'll end up figuring out something cool to do with the most innovative interpretations, but for now I'm just excited to hear what happens."

Go forth and prosper young (and old) producers - we're looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.

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