Introducing - Atlas Bound

Introducing - Atlas Bound

Meet soulful Sydney electronic duo Atlas Bound.

Fresh Sydney duo Atlas Bound are having a good time of things lately - following the release of their first single LOCK (clocking up a not-bad 250,000+ plays in a month), they've just been nominated by Stoney Roads/Red Bull for Breakthrough Producer Of The Year (more info HERE) in the upcoming Stoney Roads Awards. So really, it's time you got to know them a little better:

Tell us about yourselves: 

We actually used to go to school together but didn’t really get to know each until we h­ad a semi-intoxicated conversation while we were out one night and decided to meet up for a jam. We both grew up with music but in totally different ways. One of us was sitting at home playing synths and making beats while the other was sneaking into dad’s record collection and recording Simon & Garfunkel covers on the old school Walkman tape cassette recorders.

What kinda tunes: 

We don’t really know! I guess you could say we met in the middle of our musical tastes and then kind of went from there. Someone called it soultronica the other day so lets go with that.

Production/writing process: 

I think for both of us music is a release, we both study full time so when we get together we just kind of hang out and play songs. Generally the music gets better as the night moves on but we have an old upright piano that is probably due for a few repairs, but we generally start from there. We both just run around the studio trying different things with instruments until we come up with something!

What do you do outside of Atlas Bound: 

Not much. We both have different musical projects running but any spare time we have is usually spent making songs.

Any shows? 

Nothing planned just yet… too nervous still and we want to focus on the tunes. 

What's coming up?

An EP is definitely on the way; it should be finished really soon! We cant really give any word about who it's going to be released through but it's definitely exciting stuff.

Where can we hear more of your music?


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