Knowing Ry Cuming

Knowing Ry Cuming

Bound to get you excited.

Ry Cuming is an interesting man, he toured as a support act for Maroon 5, was signed to a subsidary label of Sony Music releasing an album and lived in Los Angeles. Originally he came from Angourie which has a population of 170 people, a median age of 47 and is south of Byron Bay. He was making pretty...well awful tracks, like below:

But then Ry dropped his major label contract with Sony and the horrendous pop tones when he moved to Berlin in 2012 in which he stated in an interview at the time, "The songs I have released prior have all had some hint of predetermined influence whether from a part of myself or from outside sources. This can be convoluting to the process of communicating who you are as an artist honestly, and also misleading for the people receiving that work." And this is what happened:

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He essentially became the ultimate hipster. Okay not really but he started the first of three projects which would mark him out as an act to watch. When he arrived in 2012 Berlin, the first track to hit the airwaves was Howling and was notably featured a DJ set by Dixon for the Boiler Room. This then led to a collaboration between Ry and Frank Wiedemann who is one half of Ame which was titled also, Howling. It brought about a three-track EP unsurprisingly titled Howling in 2012 which included this majestic, wandering remix:

Come 2013 a number of events occurred. The Howling project released their sophomore EP titled, Litmus. The title track represented a noticeable shift away from sparse atmospheric tracks into pulsating electronic songs. 

At the same time Adam Freeland, a reasonably well-known DJ was closing out his new years eve set with the Ame remix of Howling. At this event was Steve Nalepa, a grammy nominated producer who couldn't get enough of the track. They started chatting and it turned out that Adam actually knew Ry and they were planning to meet up. This resulted in Steve being brought along to this meet-up which turned into an impromptu recording session. This was the result of the first day:

After two weeks in the studio, they became known as The Acid and released an EP. To jump forward they've also released an album, Liminal, which you also check out.

By this time most artists would have thought, 'Lets go cash in on this with a tour!' Ry had other thoughts and released his debut EP titled 'Berlin' under the name, Ry-X. Ry performs with instrumentalist Jens Kuross. To watch a live performance of him click here

At present Ry has just released an unmixed demo of a track called, Sweat. He is also heading to Splendour in The Grass to perform a solo show and with The Acid. Catch the rising Australia star of 2014 there. 

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