Die Antwoord - Pitbull Terrier

Die Antwoord - Pitbull Terrier

Die Antwoord are back to haunt your fucking dreams.

Confession time - I very rarely watch a video clip from start to finish. Even though they generally fly under the four-minute mark, I just don't have time. I'll skip through it and make sure I give myself precious extra minutes to social media or whatever it is I do when I'm not not doing social media. Or something. Die Antwoord is always the exception to the rule - say what you like about their music, you can always count an on excellent video clip, and this new one for new single Pitbull Terrier is no different. The next taste of their upcoming LP Donker Mag (due May 30) is a cracker, taking aim at everyone's favourite douche bag Pitbull. And getting fucked up from there. You can pre-order Donker Mag by clicking on the incredible artwork below, and enjoy another fucked up piece of cinema from dance music's favourite South African duo.


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