Video: George Maple - Vacant Space [A Live Recording]

Video: George Maple - Vacant Space [A Live Recording]

Amazing music video in-bound.

Beauty is in the simplest of things. And George Maple's live recording of Vacant Space is a testament to this. With a throbbing drum beat and strobe in sync we enter a world of mirrors that have cracked into thousands of pieces. But this disintergration has halted momentarily for the viewer. Truly the clip for the live recording is one of the most elemental but astonishingly powerful pieces of film in 2014. And if anything it highlights that George Maple is well and truly on her way to becoming a star, something that was pretty much clear with her track Talk TalkYou can watch the video clip for Vacant Space below, and if you want to gain some insight into George Maple you can read our interview with her HERE

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