Vices Party

Vices Party

We give you the lowdown on Beaufort Street Festival's big Kahuna; StreetX reveal their Top 5 Vices.

Are you a trendsetter? Are you a gogetter? Do you know better (but you do it anyway)? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then come and claim your spot at Vices, the tropical throw-down at Mt Lawley’s Astor Theatre this Saturday. Bad Vacation/Flamingos, Lab Six and Street X have all been on their grind putting this thing together. Vices will be a refreshing party microcosm in the Beaufort Street Festival party macrocosm, where dog shows, crochet bombs and 'live street art' reign supreme.

Vices. Island vibes. Much island vibage. They’re going to transform the whole place into some type of South Pacific paradise. We're hoping all the trill boys will swap out their bucket hats for cute li’l sailor boating hats. SURELY all the trill girls will be wearing coconut bras made out of the shells of the coconuts that StreetX will be extracting coconut juice out of for their Pina Colada Bar. Slinging the Malibu in mesh shorts will be StreetX kingpin Dan Bradshaw, aka GucciSmoothie for all you Instagrammers playing at home (now you know his handle, get @ him girls). In the spirit of Vices, Dan took a break from making pyramids out of cardboard boxes to sit on and shared some of his vices with Pilerats:

Gucci Smoothie's Vices

1. Saying 'swag' 

2. Wearing Speedos

3. Chix

4. Existing on the Internet

5. Speaking like Rex Hunt; aka rap game Rex Hunt

IMG 1827 2

Above: An example of the kind of high-quality beverage you will served at Vices.

vices chang dan

Above: Dan Bradshaw (StreetX), Chang (Lab Six)

Vices. We predict a 100% forecast of girls getting 20n and guys stuntin' in various lifestyle wear to bangerz from some seriously dubiously named DJs, like Blk4skn, Swaggy D and Trillem Dafoe: rest assured a rose by any other name would sound as sweet as these guys' sets. Also ready to smash it are Canvas DJs, your loyal local lion Aslan, as well as Midsole, Meina, DJ Daws and Grecia. The highlight of Vices, though, is powerful players Zeke Beats and Chang going back to back for the first time. The founding fathers of the prosperous Perth DJ Academy known as Lab Six; thanks to their master tutelage many yung Jedis are out there flexin’ right now - proof at their birthday showcase this Friday, details HERE. No doubt we'll get to hear some of the incredible cuts put forth in Zeke's incredible new Pay Attention EP. Here's a new mix from Chang: 


In the words of Vices, “Cheap as fuck ($) before 9, pretty cheap ($15) after”. Although judging by the extensive hype network of all parties involved in Vices, the 'after' line struggle will be real, so get there early. Saturday November 15 at the Astor, Beaufort St, Mount Lawley. 5pm - 1am. 18+ Licensed event. Door Sales Only. Follow the Vices party series on Facebook HERE.  



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