Meet Kilter

Meet Kilter

We like Kilter. He's cool.

Who are you:

My name is Ned and I am a 21 year old Sydneysider. 

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We are talking tropical bangaz and coconut bass.

Any releases we should be aware of?

I’m about to drop a three track EP out on ‘etcetc’ with some awesome vocalists and steel drums everywhere. I am super keen to get this out as I haven’t released any originals in ages! I’ve also got a couple of tasty remixes that will be released soon too.

Production process:

I use Ableton Live for all my productions and I don’t go too crazy with any plug ins besides using Sylenth for all of my synths. As far as a process goes I find myself playing around with samples as a way to get some ideas down and the track off the ground. 

What do you do outside of Kilter?

I actually just finished a uni degree so now I am in that awkward stage where I can’t write student as occupation and I feel like saying musician is a bit of a cop out.

Any shows coming up?

Plenty. I’m actually about to come out to Perth this week. I’ve never been to the west coast before and it will definitely be an experience playing somewhere so far from home! I also just got added to the Fat As Butter line up which will be my first festival! Full touring dates are on my facebook.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I’m just really looking forward to summer. Writing tunes in sun and hopefully getting a bit of travel in!

Where can we hear more of your gear?

I have most of my stuff up on SOUNDCLOUD and I have a couple of live beat videos on YOUTUBE if you are into that sort of thing. Can also follow me on FACEBOOK to keep up to speed.


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