Premiere: Milwaukee Banks tease their upcoming album release with new single, Reincarnated

Premiere: Milwaukee Banks tease their upcoming album release with new single, Reincarnated

Deep Into The Night is due March 18.

Melbourne-based duo Edo and Dyl Thomas AKA Milwaukee Banks are getting ever-closer to the release of their debut album, Deep Into The Night, due for release Friday 18 March via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records, and we're excited today to give you a peak into the LP with another cut - Reincarnated. Featuring their patented brand of clean production and supreme flow, it again bodes well for the record after most recenet single Faded. The two-some offered some insight into the track, which you can check below followed by the stream:

"We like exploring the supernatural as inspiration for new material. The idea of reincarnation is spiritual (something we truly believe in) but it’s also reflected in the cyclical nature of society. We’re rebirthing the good and the bad, over and over again. We’ve see it all before but we can’t break this cycle. You wonder if the world is even changing for the better sometimes. Or if it’s changing at all. ‘I open up my eyes i can see them telling lies’."

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