Premiere: Dylan Guy x Edája - Garden

Premiere: Dylan Guy x Edája - Garden

Enjoy the dreamy, bass heavy r&b sounds of this UK meets Australian collab a few days before release

Fusing downtempo bass heavy beats and sleek & sultry r&b sounds are Melbourne-based producer Dylan Guy and UK-based singer Edája on their atmospheric and enchanting new single Garden, premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its May 5 release.

Lo-fi, ambient and club sounds are all thrown into the gloriously chilled mix by Guy, with Edája’s captivating vocals the cherry on top while lyrically acting an inspiring & empowering “ode to a woman’s power”.

Explaining the meaning behind and creative process of Garden, Edája explains "Garden is about a woman embracing her power that she keeps sacred: her ‘Garden’. To enter a woman’s garden it takes more than just seducing her but being able to feed and water her mentally. Coming up with the melodies was a fun experience, as I took influence from artists like Doja Cat, SZA and KAYTRANADA, I wanted it to give those same feelings. Once it was done I wanted to share it with everyone and the response on TikTok so far has been so beautiful, everyone seems to really love it which is extremely heart warming for both Dylan and I. I know it’s going to give that summer, good vibe, which is exactly what we want.

Give Garden a spin as it premieres on Pilerats today!

Dylan Guy x Edája's new single Garden is out May 5

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