Premiere: Peer into the future with Lil Spacely's guest-packed OH NO! remix

Premiere: Peer into the future with Lil Spacely's guest-packed OH NO! remix

Featuring Jaecy, RG Wings, Elijah Yo, Inferno, Isaac Puerile and Big Skeez, the remix highlights the talent of Sydney's west.

Over the last twelve months, the bustling hip-hop world in Western Sydney has received more attention than ever, with people finally beginning to pay attention to one of the richest hip-hop cultures in the world. Initially, it began with the rise of artists like Kwame, but in the time since, it’s gone on to highlight the depths of the area and its relationship with both R&B and hip-hop: Hooligan Hefs and ONEFOUR specialise in one section; A.Girl and Lauren. in another; Manu Crooks and The Kid LAROI. in another and the list goes on. Generally speaking, if someone is making hip-hop and/or R&B from Western Sydney, it’s amongst the best there is in the country.

A byproduct of the area’s rise in the public eye is that it’s unearthing a bright next generation too, with artists that have been hustling in the area finally beginning to grapple with a national break-out thanks to the increasing eyes on the scene. One of those is Lil Spacely, someone we’ve been across for a while now, but with collaborations alongside Kilter and this next generation of Western Sydney hip-hop talent, the rest of the country is finally catching on too.

His new single isn’t anything explicitly new, but it’s something definitely worth paying attention to for its contribution to this area and the culture that lays within. It’s a remix of his break-out-worthy single OH NO! from last year, with familiar face Tasker beefing up the production to give the track new life as it’s joined by an ensemble of rappers that partly represent the future of Sydney hip-hop - Jaecy, RG Wings, Elijah Yo, Inferno, Isaac Puerile and Big Skeez - something that becomes set in cement when they all come together for the remix.

It’s a long-winding, six-minute weapon that showcases the best of the rappers at their peak and simultaneously, showcases the peak of Sydney hip-hop’s many grooves and sounds. Tasker’s production is the perfect backbone for this to happen, constantly moving and switching up as its bass kicks grow more ferocious every minute, with each of the names then going over the top one at a time and proving their worth in the process. It’s a big moment not just for Western Sydney hip-hop but for Australian hip-hop’s next generation as a whole, with this sense of collaboration something that’s bound to take the country’s talent up to the next level in the international eye, with names like Lil Spacely included within that.

It comes with an equally chaotic video directed by Aaron Bull which you can check out below, and to be honest, we might just leave it there; this is definitely a remix that speaks for itself, and the talent it includes. Just try to keep up.

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