Meet Lil Spacely and his catchy, break-out-worthy new single, OH NO!

Meet Lil Spacely and his catchy, break-out-worthy new single, OH NO!

The rising Sydney rapper boasts a lot to be excited about, so catch him launching his latest at Waywards on April 27th.

It's not hard to understand the potential in Lil Spacely. The Sydney-based rapper has been bubbling under the radar for a while now, working with names including B Wise and Manu Crooks while performing at FOMO and Listen Out, but somehow he hasn't quite found that full mainstream appeal, instead being an act more reserved for 'up-and-coming' tags - somewhat unfairly, considering his strength as a musician on the rise. His latest single, OH NO!, boasts his biggest chance yet of breaking into that next level and it'll be a surprise if it doesn't happen, with the Western Sydney rapper creating a track that shines with this slick, but dominative sound that's impossible to not bop along to.

It's a single that carries everything we've come to love from Lil Spacely in a four-minute burst of energy that's amongst our scene's most lively in 2019 thus far, with clanging bass and ripping melodies meeting Lil Spacely's quick-paced flow; one that stands out due to its determination, focus and effortlessly-smooth feel. "Nowadays I hardly write pen to paper, I just sit there and meditate to what I’m hearing and play off muscle memory," he says on the single and his approach to writing the track. "I caught a vibe from the beat by Sam Brodie and came up with a hook then laced it. OH NO! was self-produced and self-mixed, you know we have the tools now to write with other people, other producers but OH NO! was organic."

It's a great single that solidifies Lil Spacely's place as an artist bound to become one of our hip-hop scene's best and most exciting, so get to know him a little better while you stream OH NO! below:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Lil Spacely aka Max Dualah from Western Sydney. I live in Blacktown, I’m apart of this thriving community of up-and-coming performers/rappers/artists/musicians. I’m an Artist, I do what I do for my babies (I have three kids) and I really do grind every day so they can have a better life.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

You have 90s rappers, then the 2000s R&B movement of hip-hop and then the 2017-present Soundcloud/trap movement. Real rappers don’t classify as the new wave. I try to put effort behind my words and vibe the verses out as well as I can. I would say it has emotional elements, trap elements and its raw elements, but I don’t want to be boxed into a certain culture within hip hop. It’s about the music, the story and the hustle.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Most of my production is done at my studio; being able to have a separate place to write/record has been good for me mentally. I try to write every day and I have so much music to share, demos and finished songs backed up. I’ve been real emotionally lately, and I’ve just been playing around with new sounds based on my emotions and those sounds and beats are the ones that stick and become a finished song. We are working on fire tracks tho, can’t wait to get them released after OH NO!

Can you tell us about your new single, OH NO!?

To be honest, I came organically from late nights in the studio and wanting to write something more aggressive. A friend of mine Sam Brodie did the beat for it, and it was changed a few times before we got the final mix done. I wanted it to repeat as much as possible but bounce and hit hard. I rarely write pen on paper anymore and because I track all my music at my studio, I’m able to go back and forth until I'm happy with the song.

Any tour dates coming up?

I will be performing at Waywards in Sydney on April 27th, to release OH NO! proper. I’ve added some friends to the bill who make up some of the best up & coming performers in this city. Including Big Skeez, Kymie, Elijah Yo and Badboyswiss. Some special guests like Mike Akox and Paris Lawrence may be there on the night. There will be more shows being announced soon!

What does 2019 have in store for you?

We are always planning 12 months in front of us and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a big year. We have lots of new songs, plus lots of songs that have yet to be released and production sessions regularly set up to keep the palette fresh. I will be performing more shows and we will be releasing more music 100% in 2019. We do have another release coming in a few weeks after we were asked to collab with Rose Goldd from Melbourne.

Where can we find more of your music?

You can find more of my music on the follow outlets with Apple Music — The New Australia playlist, Spotify + Spotify playlists, Youtube and more to keep up with events and new releases.

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