Get to know Mirrah, who just returned with a slamming new single, Hold On

Get to know Mirrah, who just returned with a slamming new single, Hold On

The Sydney mcee's first single in a few years is a powerful new jam.

Header photo by Chris Woe.

It's been a few years since we last heard from Sydney-based emcee Mirrah, who first impressed with a debut mixtape REFLECT-I-ON and debut EP, LIFE, but she's back in a big way with her new EP, LOVE, due for release very soon. She's not been quiet on the music front by any stretch though, regularly working with Elefant Tracks and most recently jumping up onstage with L-Fresh The Lion and Okenyo at their 20th Birthday Celebrations.

Her new single, Hold On, is a powerful welcome back, one that asks the listener to not lose sight of the simpler, important things in life like "living, acknowledging health and good friends." To celebrate her return, we figured now is as good a time as any to get reacquainted, so dive in below and expect to hear plenty more from Mirrah in the coming months:

Tell us about yourself?

Who would've known my 4-month-old adopted self would have experienced my dreams of entertaining come true from the actions I took throughout my life. From humble dance routines performing to family at BBQs to then fast forward to performing at Public Enemy’s Fear of the Black Planet concert at 16, to then announced years later to Sydney as Flava Flav's hypeman. I’ve been happily re-introducing Australia to my rhymes and singing for the past five years, and I have been so grateful being a featured artist/band member accompanying L-FRESH The LION for years as well.

My Sydney music peers have become my extended musical family, as have the audiences I get to meet after each performance. It means the world to me as an independent artist that people take the time to acknowledge my creative passion and musical commitment to preserve the art of hip hop.

Metaphorically music became a best friend that invited me to explore rhythm, sound, vibe and frequency, and just like my family, I felt it didn't prejudge nor had a barrier. It has shown me pure freedom for all to enjoy. I feel music enables people to connect, and I feel I reflect that part of its soul element and I reflect this personality through my daily life, love and through music.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

The LOVE EP is beautiful composition of soul, jazz and hip hop. Each song reflects different aspects of "love" such as the love of things, prisoners of love and most importantly, self love.

Production/writing process:

We did things a bit different in the process of creating this EP. The Producer, Zig Parker, built skeletons of most of the songs using the basics of percussion, synths and bass to create a vibe. I would vibe and create melodies and write solid choruses. I love writing hooks. The chemistry is great! After getting tight vocal takes for most of songs, we brought in some great musicians to get a live feel. Each song illustrates a perspective of LOVE, whether its saluting love, the practice of self love or the unfortunate love of material things. The objective was to create a project that was reminiscent of old soul/RnB vinyl records with intros and outros with song lengths that weren’t restricted by time and structure. Thus we have the LOVE EP!

Can you tell us about your new single, Hold On?

It’s about my interpretation of large consumerism and the loss of self value and the simple and most important things in life such as living, acknowledging health and good friends.

Any shows coming up?

Just this week I supported Urthboy and jumped up on stage with Mojo Juju at the Oxford Arts Factory. I've recently collaborated with Mojo on her latest single and featured a run of shows in Melbourne and Sydney Opera House. I'm hoping to have some more shows soon!

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

The rest of this year, I plan to get in the studio and start working on new music for my next EP. I have a few major shows coming up with my band family and L-FRESH The LION. Mostly I'll be in rehearsals with my band continuing to build a dope show for this festival season. I love performing as I am completely myself onstage!

Where can we hear more of your music?


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